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No claims against the county shall be paid otherwise than upon allowance of the county
board, upon the warrant of the chair thereof, attested by the county auditor, except in those cases
in which the precise amount is fixed by law, or is authorized to be fixed by some other person,
officer, or tribunal, in which cases the same shall be paid upon the warrant of the auditor, upon
the proper certificate of the person, officer, or tribunal allowing the same. No money shall be
disbursed by the county board, or any member thereof, but only by the county treasurer upon the
warrant of the chair of the county board, attested by the auditor, specifying the name of the party
entitled to the same, on what account and for what purpose issued, upon whose allowance, if not
fixed by law, and the fund from which it is payable. In all counties except any county having a
population of more than 150,000, each warrant shall be so drawn that when signed by the treasurer
in an appropriate place, it becomes a check on the county depository. If in payment for services,
the specific time for which the same were rendered shall be therein stated, and all orders and
warrants shall be progressively numbered, and the number, date, and amount of each, the name of
the person to whom payable, and the specific time for which any service was rendered, shall, at
the time of issuing the same, be entered in a book to be kept by the auditor for that purpose.
History: (836) RL s 491; 1953 c 319 s 4; 1955 c 505 s 1; 1986 c 444