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    Subdivision 1. Duties. In addition to the powers and duties already conferred by law the
commissioner of human services shall:
(a) Promulgate rules prescribing standards for qualification of personnel and quality of
professional service and for in-service training and educational leave programs for personnel,
governing eligibility for service so that no person will be denied service on the basis of race,
color or creed, or inability to pay, providing for establishment, subject to the approval of the
commissioner, of fee schedules which shall be based upon ability to pay, and such other rules as
the commissioner deems necessary to carry out the purposes of sections 245.61 to 245.69;
(b) Review and evaluate local programs and the performance of administrative and
psychiatric personnel and make recommendations thereon to county boards and program
(c) Provide consultative staff service to communities to assist in ascertaining local needs and
in planning and establishing community mental health programs; and
(d) Employ qualified personnel to implement sections 245.61 to 245.69.
    Subd. 1a.[Repealed, 1987 c 403 art 2 s 164]
    Subd. 2. Approval of centers and clinics. The commissioner of human services has the
authority to approve or disapprove public and private mental health centers and public and private
mental health clinics for the purposes of section 62A.152, subdivision 2. For the purposes of this
subdivision the commissioner shall promulgate rules in accordance with sections 14.001 to 14.69.
The rules shall require each applicant to pay a fee to cover costs of processing applications and
determining compliance with the rules and this subdivision. The commissioner may contract with
any state agency, individual, corporation or association to which the commissioner shall delegate
all but final approval and disapproval authority to determine compliance or noncompliance.
(a) Each approved mental health center and each approved mental health clinic shall have a
multidisciplinary team of professional staff persons as required by rule. A mental health center or
mental health clinic may provide the staffing required by rule by means of written contracts with
professional persons or with other health care providers. Any personnel qualifications developed
by rule shall be consistent with any personnel standards developed pursuant to chapter 214.
(b) Each approved mental health clinic and each approved mental health center shall
establish a written treatment plan for each outpatient for whom services are reimbursable through
insurance or public assistance. The treatment plan shall be developed in accordance with the rules
and shall include a patient history, treatment goals, a statement of diagnosis and a treatment
strategy. The clinic or center shall provide access to hospital admission as a bed patient as needed
by any outpatient. The clinic or center shall ensure ongoing consultation among and availability
of all members of the multidisciplinary team.
(c) As part of the required consultation, members of the multidisciplinary team shall meet
at least twice monthly to conduct case reviews, peer consultations, treatment plan development
and in-depth case discussion. Written minutes of these meetings shall be kept at the clinic or
center for three years.
(d) Each approved center or clinic shall establish mechanisms for quality assurance and
submit documentation concerning the mechanisms to the commissioner as required by rule,
(1) Continuing education of each professional staff person;
(2) An ongoing internal utilization and peer review plan and procedures;
(3) Mechanisms of staff supervision; and
(4) Procedures for review by the commissioner or a delegate.
(e) The commissioner shall disapprove an applicant, or withdraw approval of a clinic or
center, which the commissioner finds does not comply with the requirements of the rules or this
subdivision. A clinic or center which is disapproved or whose approval is withdrawn is entitled to
a contested case hearing and judicial review pursuant to sections 14.01 to 14.69.
(f) Data on individuals collected by approved clinics and centers, including written minutes of
team meetings, is private data on individuals within the welfare system as provided in chapter 13.
(g) Each center or clinic that is approved and in compliance with the commissioner's existing
rule on July 1, 1980, is approved for purposes of section 62A.152, subdivision 2, until rules
are promulgated to implement this section.
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