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    Subdivision 1. Special vehicle. The commissioner may issue a permit for a vehicle that
meets the following requirements:
(a) There must be no more than two support points for the vehicle or for each vehicle of a
vehicle combination. The support point of each axle group must be capable of distributing the
load equally to each axle of the group with a variance of no more than 3,000 pounds between
any two axles of the group.
(b) The maximum wheel load may not exceed the tire manufacturer's recommended load or
the following weight limits, whichever is less:
(1) front steering axles, 550 pounds per inch;
(2) other single axles, 500 pounds per inch;
(3) tandem axles, 450 pounds per inch; and
(4) tridem or quad axle groups, 425 pounds per inch.
(c) The axle group weights must comply with the limitations of section 169.824.
(d) The vehicle may not be equipped with a variable load axle, unless the variable load axle
cannot be operated from the cab of the vehicle.
(e) The vehicle transports pole-length pulpwood, carries a gross vehicle weight of not more
than 82,000 pounds, and has six axles.
    Subd. 2. Permit restrictions. A vehicle operating under a permit issued under this section
may not travel on an interstate highway. The permit does not authorize the vehicle to exceed
allowable gross weights that restrict travel on a highway or bridge under the authority of the
commissioner or a local road authority.
History: 1989 c 299 s 2