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The provisions of sections 148.171 to 148.285 shall not prohibit:
(1) The furnishing of nursing assistance in an emergency.
(2) The practice of professional or practical nursing by any legally qualified registered or
licensed practical nurse of another state who is employed by the United States government or any
bureau, division, or agency thereof while in the discharge of official duties.
(3) The practice of any profession or occupation licensed by the state, other than professional
or practical nursing, by any person duly licensed to practice the profession or occupation, or
the performance by a person of any acts properly coming within the scope of the profession,
occupation, or license.
(4) The provision of a nursing or nursing-related service by a nursing assistant who has
been delegated the specific function and is supervised by a registered nurse or monitored by
a licensed practical nurse.
(5) The care of the sick with or without compensation when done in a nursing home covered
by the provisions of section 144A.09, subdivision 1.
(6) Professional nursing practice or advanced practice registered nursing practice by a
registered nurse or practical nursing practice by a licensed practical nurse licensed in another state
or territory who is in Minnesota as a student enrolled in a formal, structured course of study, such
as a course leading to a higher degree, certification in a nursing specialty, or to enhance skills
in a clinical field, while the student is practicing in the course.
(7) Professional or practical nursing practice by a student practicing under the supervision
of an instructor while the student is enrolled in a nursing program approved by the board under
section 148.251.
(8) Advanced practice registered nursing as defined in section 148.171, subdivisions 5, 10,
11, 13, and 21
, by a registered nurse who is licensed and currently registered in Minnesota or
another United States jurisdiction and who is enrolled as a student in a formal education program
leading to eligibility for certification as an advanced practice registered nurse; or by a registered
nurse licensed and currently registered in Minnesota who has completed an advanced practice
registered nurse course of study and is awaiting certification, the period not to exceed six months.
History: 1945 c 242 s 11; 1959 c 140 s 2; 1975 c 360 s 10; 1977 c 256 s 1; 1981 c 94 s 8;
1986 c 444; 1989 c 194 s 18; 1999 c 172 s 11,18