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The commissioner of finance is hereby appointed as the custodian of all moneys received, or
which may hereafter be received, by the state by reason of any federal aid granted for maternal
and child welfare service and for public health services, including the purposes as declared in
Public Law 725 enacted by the 79th Congress of the United States, Chapter 958-2d Session
and all amendments thereto, which moneys shall be expended in accordance with the purposes
expressed in the acts of Congress granting such aid and solely in accordance with plans to be
prepared by the state commissioner. The plans so to be prepared by the commissioner for maternal
and child health service shall be approved by the United States Children's Bureau; and the plans of
the commissioner for public health service shall be approved by the United States Public Health
Service. Such plans shall include the training of personnel for both state and local health work
and conform with all the requirements governing federal aid for these purposes. Such plans shall
be designed to secure for the state the maximum amount of federal aid which is possible to be
secured on the basis of the available state, county, and local appropriations for such purposes.
The commissioner shall make reports, which shall be in such form and contain such information
as may be required by the United States Children's Bureau or the United States Public Health
Service, as the case may be; and comply with all the provisions, rules, and regulations which
may be prescribed by these federal authorities in order to secure the correction and verification
of such reports.
History: (5391-1) Ex1936 c 70 s 1; 1947 c 485 s 1; 1977 c 305 s 45; 2003 c 112 art 2 s 50