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CHAPTER 97A. Game and fish

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


97A.011 Citation.
97A.015 Definitions.
97A.021 Construction.
97A.025 Ownership of wild animals.
97A.028 Crop protection assistance.
97A.031 Wanton waste.
97A.035 Removal of signs prohibited.
97A.037 Hunter, trapper, and angler harassment prohibited.
97A.041 Exhibition of wildlife.
97A.045 Commissioner, general powers and duties.
97A.0451 Authority for use of emergency rules procedure; expiration of authority.
97A.0452 Notice of proposed adoption of emergency rule.
97A.0453 Notice to committees for fees fixed by rule.
97A.0454 Modifications of proposed emergency rule.
97A.0455 Submission of proposed emergency rule to attorney general.
97A.0456 Effective date of emergency rule.
97A.0457 Publication of approval.
97A.0458 Effective period of emergency rule.
97A.0459 Approval of form of emergency rule.
97A.051 Publication of rules and laws.
97A.055 Game and fish fund.
97A.057 Federal law compliance; restriction on license revenue.
97A.061 Payment in lieu of taxes.
97A.065 Dedication of certain receipts.
97A.071 Wildlife acquisition account.
97A.075 Use of license revenues.
97A.081 Posting land.
97A.083 Hunting and fishing on state land.
97A.085 Game refuges.
97A.091 Hunting on game refuges.
97A.092 Controlled hunting zones.
97A.093 Hunting, trapping, and fishing in scientific and natural areas.
97A.095 Waterfowl protected areas.
97A.098 Trespass on federal lands.
97A.101 Public water reserves and management designation.
97A.105 Game and fur farms.
97A.111 [Repealed, 1997 c 226 s 51]
97A.115 Establishment of shooting preserves.
97A.121 Hunting in private shooting preserves.
97A.125 Wildlife habitat on private land.
97A.127 Financing waterfowl development.
97A.131 Game farms and hatcheries.
97A.133 State management wildlife areas.
97A.135 Acquisition of wildlife lands.
97A.137 Hunting, fishing, and trespassing in wildlife management areas.
97A.141 Public water access sites.
97A.145 Wetlands for wildlife.
97A.151 Leech Lake Indian Reservation agreement.
97A.155 Amendments to Leech Lake Indian Reservation agreement.
97A.157 1854 treaty area agreement.
97A.161 Agreement with White Earth Indians.
97A.165 Source of payments for Indian agreement.


97A.201 Enforcement.
97A.205 Enforcement officer powers.
97A.211 Arrest procedures.
97A.215 Inspections.
97A.221 Seizure and confiscation of property.
97A.223 Seizure and administrative forfeiture of certain firearms and abandoned property.
97A.225 Seizure and confiscation of motor vehicles and boats.
97A.231 Search warrants.
97A.235 Jurisdiction over boundary waters.
97A.241 Reciprocity with other states in appointing officers.
97A.245 Rewards.
97A.251 Obstruction of officers.
97A.255 Prosecutions.


97A.301 General penalty provisions.
97A.305 Impersonation of an enforcement officer.
97A.311 Licenses.
97A.315 Trespass.
97A.321 Dogs pursuing or killing big game.
97A.325 Penalties for unlawfully buying or selling wild animals.
97A.331 Penalties related to hunting.
97A.335 Penalties related to fishing.
97A.338 Gross overlimits of wild animals; penalty.
97A.341 Restitution for wild animals illegally taken.
97A.345 Restitution value of wild animals.


97A.401 Special permits.
97A.405 License requirements.
97A.411 Validity of licenses.
97A.415 License restrictions.
97A.418 Permit rules.
97A.420 Seizure of licenses.
97A.421 Validity and issuance of licenses after conviction.
97A.425 Record and reporting requirements for dealers, tanners, and taxidermists.
97A.431 Moose licenses.
97A.433 Elk licenses.
97A.434 Prairie chicken licenses.
97A.435 Turkey licenses; application and eligibility.
97A.438 Release of wild turkeys; permit required.
97A.441 Licenses to be issued without a fee.
97A.445 Exemptions from license requirement.
97A.451 License requirements and exemptions relating to age.
97A.455 Nonresident students; fishing, small game, and big game.
97A.461 Nonresident licenses for boundary water hunting or fishing.
97A.465 Military personnel; fishing and hunting.
97A.471 Nonresident courtesy licenses.
97A.472 Place of sale of nonresident licenses; restriction.
97A.473 Resident lifetime licenses.
97A.474 Nonresident lifetime licenses.
97A.4742 Lifetime fish and wildlife trust fund.
97A.475 License fees.
97A.481 License applications; penalty.
97A.482 License applications; collection of Social Security numbers.
97A.485 Issuance of licenses.



97A.501 Wild animals; general restrictions.
97A.502 Deer killed by motor vehicles.
97A.505 Possession of wild animals.
97A.510 Game for consumption at fund-raising events.
97A.511 Fur-bearing animals.
97A.512 Sale of inedible portions of big game animals, fur-bearing animals, fish, and game birds other than migratory waterfowl.
97A.515 Pelts, skins, and hides taken on Indian reservations.
97A.521 Transportation of wild animals; generally.
97A.525 Transportation of wild animals by common carrier.
97A.531 Shipment of wild animals taken in Canada.
97A.535 Possession and transportation of deer, bear, elk, and moose.
97A.541 [Repealed, 1993 c 269 s 32]
97A.545 Transportation of game birds.
97A.551 Possession and transportation of fish.
97A.552 Fishing regulations; executive order.

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Revisor of Statutes