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CHAPTER 645. Interpretation of statutes and rules

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
645.001 Applicability to rules.


645.01 Words and phrases.
645.02 Effective date and time of laws.
645.021 Special laws.
645.023 Special laws; enactment without local approval.
645.024 Special laws; local approval as a requirement of the act.
645.03 [Repealed, 1984 c 480 s 22]
645.04 [Repealed, 1984 c 480 s 22]
645.05 [Repealed, 1984 c 480 s 22]
645.06 [Repealed, 1984 c 480 s 22]
645.07 [Repealed, Ex1959 c 46 s 3]
645.071 Standard of time.


645.08 Canons of construction.
645.09 Numerals.
645.10 Bonds.
645.11 Published notice.
645.12 Posted notice.
645.13 Time; publication for successive weeks.
645.14 Time; computation of months.
645.15 Computation of time.
645.151 Timely delivery or filing.


645.16 Legislative intent controls.
645.17 Presumptions in ascertaining legislative intent.
645.18 Grammar; syntax; ellipsis.
645.19 Construction of provisos and exceptions.
645.20 Construction of severable provisions.
645.21 Presumption against retroactive effect.
645.22 Uniform laws.
645.23 Renumbered 611A.05
645.24 Penalties for each offense.
645.241 Punishment for prohibited acts.
645.25 Intent to defraud.
645.26 Irreconcilable provisions.
645.27 State bound by statute, when.
645.28 Existing laws, effect of revision or code.
645.29 Manner of amendment.
645.30 Effect of separate amendments on code provisions enacted at same session.
645.31 Construction of amendatory and reference laws.
645.32 Merger of subsequent amendments.
645.33 Two or more amendments to same section, one overlooking the other.
645.34 Repeal of amendatory and original laws subsequently amended.
645.35 Effect of repeal.
645.36 Effect of repeal of a repealer.
645.37 Repeal and reenactment.
645.38 Effect of reenactment on intervening law.
645.39 Implied repeal by later law.
645.40 Nonexistence of reason for law does not repeal it.
645.41 No implied repeal by nonuser.
645.42 Effect of separate repeals on code provisions enacted at the same session.
645.43 Effect of repeal on limitations.


645.44 Particular words and phrases.
645.445 Small business; definitions.
645.45 Definitions, continued.
645.451 Definitions, continued.


645.452 Disabilities of minority, termination at age 18.
645.46 Reference to subdivision.
645.47 Reference to paragraph.
645.48 Use of the word "to" when referring to several sections.
645.49 Headnotes.
645.51 Gender revision of 1986.

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