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62A.149 Benefits for alcoholics and drug dependents.

Subdivision 1. Application. The provisions of this section apply to all group policies of accident and health insurance and group subscriber contracts offered by nonprofit health service plan corporations regulated under chapter 62C, and to a plan or policy that is individually underwritten or provided for a specific individual and family members as a nongroup policy unless the individual elects in writing to refuse benefits under this subdivision in exchange for an appropriate reduction in premiums or subscriber charges under the policy or plan, when the policies or subscriber contracts are issued or delivered in Minnesota or provide benefits to Minnesota residents enrolled thereunder.

This section does not apply to policies designed primarily to provide coverage payable on a per diem, fixed indemnity or nonexpense incurred basis or policies that provide accident only coverage.

Every insurance policy or subscriber contract included within the provisions of this subdivision, upon issuance or renewal, shall provide for payment of benefits for the treatment of alcoholism, chemical dependency or drug addiction to any Minnesota resident entitled to coverage thereunder on the same basis as coverage for other benefits when treatment is rendered in

(1) a licensed hospital,

(2) a residential treatment program as licensed by the state of Minnesota pursuant to diagnosis or recommendation by a doctor of medicine,

(3) a nonresidential treatment program approved or licensed by the state of Minnesota.

Subd. 2. Minimum coverage. Coverage under subdivision 1, clauses (1) and (2), shall be for at least 20 percent of the total patient days allowed by the policy and in no event shall coverage be for less than 28 days in each 12-month benefit year. Coverage under subdivision 1, clause (3), shall be for at least 130 hours of treatment in a 12-month benefit year.

HIST: 1973 c 585 s 1,2; 1976 c 262 s 1; 1978 c 793 s 60; 1980 c 496 s 2; 1986 c 444

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Revisor of Statutes