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CHAPTER 60B. Insurers rehabilitation and liquidation

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
60B.01 Title, construction, and purpose.
60B.02 Persons covered.
60B.03 Definitions.
60B.04 Jurisdiction and venue.
60B.05 Injunctions and orders.
60B.06 Costs and expenses of litigation.
60B.07 Cooperation of officers and employees.
60B.08 [Repealed, 1991 c 326 s 27]
60B.09 Commissioner's reports.
60B.10 Continuation of delinquency proceedings.
60B.11 Commissioner's summary orders.
60B.12 Court's seizure order.
60B.13 Commissioner's seizure order.
60B.14 Conduct of hearings in summary proceedings.
60B.15 Grounds for rehabilitation.
60B.16 Rehabilitation orders.
60B.17 Powers and duties of rehabilitator.
60B.171 Use, sale, or transfer of assets during rehabilitation.
60B.18 Actions by and against rehabilitator.
60B.181 Notice regarding rehabilitation or liquidation proceeding.
60B.19 Termination of rehabilitation.
60B.191 Claims regarding rehabilitation and liquidation of health maintenance organizations.
60B.193 Liability of enrollees.
60B.20 Grounds for liquidation.
60B.21 Liquidation orders.
60B.22 Continuance of coverage.
60B.23 Dissolution of insurer.
60B.24 [Repealed, 1993 c 299 s 33]
60B.25 Powers of liquidator.
60B.26 Notice to creditors and others.
60B.27 [Repealed, 1996 c 446 art 1 s 72; 1998 c 339 s 72]
60B.28 Actions by and against liquidator.
60B.29 Collection and list of assets.
60B.30 Fraudulent transfers prior to petition.
60B.31 Fraudulent transfers after petition.
60B.32 Voidable preferences and liens.
60B.33 Claims of holders of void or voidable rights.
60B.34 Setoffs and counterclaims.
60B.35 Assessments.
60B.36 [Repealed, 1999 c 177 s 88]
60B.365 Reinsurer's liability.
60B.37 Filing of claims.
60B.38 Proof of claim.
60B.39 Special claims.
60B.40 Special provisions for third party claims.
60B.41 Disputed claims.
60B.42 Claims of surety.
60B.43 Secured creditors' claims.
60B.44 Order of distribution.
60B.45 Liquidator's recommendations to the court.
60B.46 Distribution of assets.
60B.47 Unclaimed and withheld funds.
60B.48 Termination of proceedings.
60B.49 Reopening liquidation.
60B.50 Disposition of records during and after termination of liquidation.
60B.51 External audit of receiver's books.
60B.52 Conservation of property of foreign or alien insurers found in this state.
60B.53 Liquidation of property of foreign or alien insurers found in this state.
60B.54 Foreign domiciliary receivers in other states.
60B.55 Ancillary formal proceedings.
60B.56 Ancillary summary proceedings.
60B.57 Claims of nonresidents against insurers domiciled in this state.
60B.58 Claims of residents against insurers domiciled in reciprocal states.
60B.59 Attachment, garnishment and levy of execution.
60B.60 Interstate priorities.
60B.61 Subordination of claims for noncooperation.

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