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CHAPTER 46. General banking powers

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
46.01 Powers.
46.02 Superseded by Laws 1925 c 426
46.03 [Repealed, 1995 c 202 art 1 s 26]
46.04 Regulatory authority of commissioner.
46.041 Bank applications.
46.042 Notice and hearing, when not given.
46.043 Expenses of organization and incorporation of banks limited.
46.044 Charters issued, conditions.
46.045 Mandatory insurance of accounts.
46.046 Definitions.
46.047 Definitions.
46.048 Notice of proposed acquisition.
46.05 Supervision over financial institutions.
46.06 Refusal to obey directions of commissioner.
46.07 Records.
46.08 Employees.
46.09 Department of Commerce examiners or employees not to maintain interest in supervised institutions.
46.10 Penalty for violation.
46.11 Examiners' districts.
46.12 Reports of examiners.
46.13 [Repealed, 1965 c 475 s 4]
46.131 Assessments and fees for financial institutions.
46.14 Examiners' powers enlarged.
46.15 [Repealed, 1Sp1985 c 13 s 376]
46.16 [Repealed, 1951 c 713 s 37]
46.17 Salary of examiner in charge of liquidation.
46.21 Destruction of certain records.
46.22 Rural credit records.
46.221 Issuance of quitclaim deeds.
46.23 Unsafe practices; definitions.
46.24 Cease and desist proceedings; injunctive relief.
46.26 Violations by directors, trustees, or officers.
46.29 Board of directors or trustees, lack of quorum, temporary directors or trustees.
46.30 Hearings, decision; review, modification, termination or stay of orders.
46.31 Enforcement of notices or orders.
46.32 Violation of notice or final order, penalties.
46.33 Manner of service; copies to federal authorities; cease and desist orders.
46.34 Certain securities deposited with the commissioner of finance.
46.35 Interpretations.

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