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Chapter 349

Section 349.211


Recent History

349.211 Prize limits.

Subdivision 1. Bingo. Except as provided in subdivisions 1a and 2, prizes for a single bingo game may not exceed $200 except prizes for a cover-all game, which may exceed $200 if the aggregate value of all cover-all prizes in a bingo occasion does not exceed $1,000. Total prizes awarded at a bingo occasion may not exceed $2,800, unless a cover-all game is played in which case the limit is $3,800. A prize may be determined based on the value of the bingo packet sold to the player. For purposes of this subdivision, a cover-all game is one in which a player must cover all spaces except a single free space to win.

Subd. 1a. Linked bingo prizes. Prizes for a linked bingo game shall be limited as follows:

(1) no organization may contribute more than $300 per occasion to a linked bingo game prize pool; and

(2) if an organization contributes to a linked bingo game prize pool, the organization's aggregate value of cover-all prizes available during the bingo occasion must be reduced by the amount contributed to the linked bingo game prize pool.

Subd. 2. Progressive bingo games. A prize of up to $2,000 may be awarded for a progressive bingo game, including a cover-all game. The prize for a progressive bingo game may start at $500 and be increased by up to $100 for each occasion during which the progressive bingo game is played. A consolation prize of up to $200 for a progressive bingo game may be awarded in each occasion during which the progressive bingo game is played and the accumulated prize is not won. The total amount awarded in progressive bingo game prizes in any calendar year may not exceed $48,000.

Subd. 2a. Pull-tab prizes. The maximum prize which may be awarded for any single pull-tab is $599. An organization may not sell any pull-tab for more than $2.

Subd. 2b. Paddlewheel prizes. The maximum cash prize which may be awarded for a paddleticket is $70. An organization may not sell any paddleticket for more than $2.

Subd. 2c. Tipboard prizes. The maximum prize which may be awarded for a tipboard ticket is $599, not including any cumulative or carryover prizes. Cumulative or carryover prizes in tipboard games shall not exceed $2,500.

Subd. 3. Other gambling. The board by rule shall establish a schedule of prize limits for all other forms of gambling consistent with the purposes set out in section 349.11. The schedule may include daily and annual prize limits and prize limits for each game, raffle or operation of a gambling device.

Subd. 4. Prize value. (a) Merchandise prizes must be valued at their fair market value. For purposes of sections 349.11 to 349.22 "prizes" do not include free plays awarded.

(b) Merchandise prizes for a paddlewheel consisting of 30 numbers or less or a tipboard consisting of 30 tickets or less may be paid for by the organization up to 30 days after the prize is received by the organization.

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