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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

254A.035 American Indian Advisory Council.

Subdivision 1. Establishment. There is created an American Indian Advisory Council to assist the state authority on alcohol and drug abuse in proposal review and formulating policies and procedures relating to chemical dependency and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs by American Indians.

Subd. 2. Membership terms, compensation, removal and expiration. The membership of this council shall be composed of 17 persons who are American Indians and who are appointed by the commissioner. The commissioner shall appoint one representative from each of the following groups: Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians; Fond du Lac Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; Grand Portage Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; Leech Lake Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; Mille Lacs Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; Bois Forte Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; White Earth Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe; Lower Sioux Indian Reservation; Prairie Island Sioux Indian Reservation; Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Indian Reservation; Upper Sioux Indian Reservation; International Falls Northern Range; Duluth Urban Indian Community; and two representatives from the Minneapolis Urban Indian Community and two from the St. Paul Urban Indian Community. The terms, compensation, and removal of American Indian Advisory Council members shall be as provided in section 15.059. The council expires June 30, 2008.

HIST: 1984 c 545 s 2; 1988 c 629 s 49; 1993 c 337 s 14; 1997 c 192 s 33; 1Sp2005 c 4 art 3 s 6