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CHAPTER 148D. Board of Social Work

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
148D.001 Citation.
148D.010 Definitions.
148D.015 Scope.
148D.020 Chapter 214.
148D.025 Board of Social Work.
148D.030 Duties of the board.
148D.035 Variances.
148D.040 Immunity.
148D.045 Contested case hearing.
148D.050 Licensing; scope of practice.
148D.055 License requirements.
148D.060 Temporary licenses.
148D.065 Exemptions.
148D.070 License renewals.
148D.075 Inactive licenses.
148D.080 Reactivations.
148D.085 Voluntary terminations.
148D.090 Name; change of name or address.
148D.095 License certificate or card.
148D.100 Licensed social workers; supervised practice.
148D.105 Licensed graduate social workers; supervised practice.
148D.110 Licensed independent social workers; supervised practice.
148D.115 Licensed independent clinical social workers; supervised practice.
148D.120 Requirements of supervisors.
148D.125 Documentation of supervision.
148D.130 Clock hours required.
148D.135 Approval of clock hours.
148D.140 Variances.
148D.145 Continuing education providers approved by board.
148D.150 Continuing education providers approved by association of social work boards.
148D.155 Continuing education programs approved by National Association of Social Workers.
148D.160 Continuing education programs approved by board.
148D.165 Continuing education requirements of licensees.
148D.170 Revocation of continuing education approvals.
148D.175 Fees.
148D.180 Fee amounts.
148D.185 Purpose of compliance laws.
148D.190 Grounds for action.
148D.195 Representations to clients and public.
148D.200 Competence.
148D.205 Impairment.
148D.210 Professional and ethical conduct.
148D.215 Responsibilities to clients.
148D.220 Relationships with clients, former clients, and other individuals.
148D.225 Treatment and intervention services.
148D.230 Confidentiality and records.
148D.235 Fees and billing practices.
148D.240 Reporting requirements.
148D.245 Investigative powers and procedures.
148D.250 Obligation to cooperate.
148D.255 Types of actions.
148D.260 Disciplinary actions.
148D.265 Adversarial but nondisciplinary actions.
148D.270 Voluntary actions.
148D.275 Unauthorized practice.
148D.280 Use of titles.
148D.285 Reporting requirements.
148D.290 Penalties.

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Revisor of Statutes