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148B.61 Office of Mental Health Practice.

Subdivision 1. Authority. (a) The Office of Mental Health Practice is transferred to the mental-health-related licensing boards. The mental-health-related licensing boards shall convene an Office of Mental Health Practices Committee to investigate complaints and take and enforce disciplinary actions against all unlicensed mental health practitioners for violations of prohibited conduct, as defined in section 148B.68.

(b) The committee shall publish a complaint telephone number, provide an informational Web site, and also serve as a referral point and clearinghouse on complaints against mental health practitioners. The committee shall disseminate objective information to consumers through the development and performance of public education activities, including outreach, regarding the provision of mental health services and both licensed and unlicensed mental health professionals who provide these services.

Subd. 2. Repealed by amendment, 2005 c 147 art 8 s 2

Subd. 3. Deleted, 1995 c 233 art 2 s 57

Subd. 4. Management, report, and sunset of the office. (a) The committee shall:

(1) designate one board to provide administrative management of the committee;

(2) set the program budget; and

(3) ensure that the committee's direction is in accord with its authority.

(b) If the participating boards change which board is designated to provide administrative management of the committee, any appropriation remaining for the committee shall transfer to the newly designated board on the effective date of the change. The participating boards must inform the appropriate legislative committees and the commissioner of finance of any change in the designated board and the amount of any appropriation transferred under this provision.

(c) The designated board shall hire the office employees and pay expenses of the committee from funds appropriated for that purpose.

(d) After July 1, 2008, the committee shall prepare and submit a report to the legislature by January 15, 2009, evaluating the activity of the office and making recommendations concerning the regulation of unlicensed mental health practitioners. In the absence of legislative action to continue the committee, the committee expires on June 30, 2009.

HIST: 1991 c 292 art 2 s 51; 1996 c 305 art 1 s 39; art 2 s 32; 2005 c 147 art 8 s 2

* NOTE: This section is repealed by Laws 2003, chapter 118, *section 29, paragraph (a), as amended by Laws 2004, chapter 279, *article 5, section 10, and Laws 2005, chapter 147, article 8, *section 3, effective July 1, 2009. Laws 2003, chapter 118, *section 29, paragraph (a), the effective date, as amended by *Laws 2004, chapter 279, article 5, section 10, and Laws 2005, *chapter 147, article 8, section 3.

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