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357.18 County recorder.

Subdivision 1. County recorder fees. The fees to be charged by the county recorder shall be as follows:

(1) for indexing and recording any deed or other instrument $1 for each page of an instrument, with a minimum fee of $15;

(2) for documents containing multiple assignments, partial releases or satisfactions $10 for each document number or book and page cited;

(3) for certified copies of any records or papers, $1 for each page of an instrument with a minimum fee of $5;

(4) for an abstract of title, the fees shall be determined by resolution of the county board duly adopted upon the recommendation of the county recorder, and the fees shall not exceed $5 for every entry, $50 for abstract certificate, $1 per page for each exhibit included within an abstract as a part of an abstract entry, and $2 per name for each required name search certification;

(5) for a copy of an official plat filed pursuant to section 505.08, the fee shall be $9.50 and an additional 50 cents shall be charged for the certification of each plat;

(6) for filing an amended floor plan in accordance with chapter 515, an amended condominium plat in accordance with chapter 515A, or a common interest community plat or amendment complying with section 515B.2-110, subsection (c), the fee shall be 50 cents per apartment or unit with a minimum fee of $30;

(7) for a copy of a floor plan filed pursuant to chapter 515, a copy of a condominium plat filed in accordance with chapter 515A, or a copy of a common interest community plat complying with section 515B.2-110, subsection (c), the fee shall be $1 for each page of the floor plan, condominium plat or common interest community plat with a minimum fee of $10.

Subd. 1a. Abstracting service fees. Fees fixed by or established pursuant to subdivision 1 shall be the maximum fee charged in all counties where the county recorder performs abstracting services and shall be charged by persons authorized to perform abstracting services in county buildings pursuant to section 386.18.

Subd. 2. Fees for recording instruments in county recorder office. Notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, the fees prescribed by this section shall govern the filing or recording of all instruments in the office of the county recorder other than Uniform Commercial Code documents, and documents filed or recorded pursuant to sections 270.69, subdivision 2, paragraph (c), 272.481 to 272.488, 277.20, and 386.77.

Subd. 3. Surcharge. In addition to the fees imposed in subdivision 1, a $4.50 surcharge shall be collected: on each fee charged under subdivision 1, clauses (1) and (6), and for each abstract certificate under subdivision 1, clause (4). Fifty cents of each surcharge shall be retained by the county to cover its administrative costs and $4 shall be paid to the state treasury and credited to the general fund.

Subd. 4. Equipment fund. $1 of each fee collected under subdivision 1, clause (1), shall be deposited in an equipment fund to be disbursed at the county recorder's discretion to provide modern information services from the records system.

Subd. 5. Variance from standards. A document that does not conform to the standards in section 507.093, paragraph (a), shall not be recorded except upon payment of an additional fee of $10 per document. This subdivision applies only to documents dated after July 31, 1997, and does not apply to Minnesota uniform conveyancing blanks contained in the book of forms in the office of the commissioner of commerce provided for under section 507.09, certified copies, or any other form provided for under Minnesota Statutes.

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