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357.17 Notaries public.

The maximum fees to be charged and collected by a notary public shall be as follows:

(1) For protest of nonpayment of note or bill of exchange or of nonacceptance of such bill, where protest is legally necessary, and copy thereof, $1;

(2) For every other protest and copy, $1;

(3) For making and serving every notice of nonpayment of note or nonacceptance of bill and copy thereof, $1;

(4) For any affidavit or paper for which provision is not made herein, $1 per folio, and 20 cents per folio for copies;

(5) For each oath administered, $1;

(6) For acknowledgments of deeds and for other services authorized by law, the legal fees allowed other officers for like services;

(7) For recording each instrument required by law to be recorded by the notary, $1 per folio.

HIST: (7001) RL s 2705; 1983 c 175 s 1; 1986 c 444