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336.9-531 Electronic access; liability; retention.

(a) Electronic access. The secretary of state may allow private parties to have electronic access to the central filing system and to other computerized records maintained by the secretary of state on a fee basis, except that: (1) visual access to electronic display terminals at the public counters at the Secretary of State's Office must be without charge and must be available during public counter hours; and (2) access by law enforcement personnel, acting in an official capacity, must be without charge. If the central filing system allows a form of electronic access to information regarding the obligations of debtors, the access must be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Notwithstanding section 13.355, private parties who have electronic access to computerized records may view the Social Security number information about a debtor that is of record.

Notwithstanding section 13.355, a filing office may include Social Security number information in an information request response under section 336.9-523 or a search of other liens in the central filing system. A filing office may also include Social Security number information on a photocopy or electronic copy of a record whether provided in an information request response or in response to a request made under section 13.03.

(b) Liability. The secretary of state, county recorders, and their employees and agents are not liable for any loss or damages arising from errors in or omissions from information entered into the central filing system as a result of the electronic transmission of tax lien notices under sections 268.058, subdivision 1, paragraph (c); 270.69, subdivision 2, paragraph (b), clause (2); 272.483; and 272.488, subdivisions 1 and 3.

The state, the secretary of state, counties, county recorders, and their employees and agents are immune from liability that occurs as a result of errors in or omissions from information provided from the central filing system.

(c) Retention. Once the image of a paper record has been captured by the central filing system, the secretary of state may remove or direct the removal from the files and destroy the paper record.

HIST: 2001 c 195 art 1 s 14; 2004 c 228 art 1 s 63

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Revisor of Statutes