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169.796 Verification of insurance coverage.

Subdivision 1. Release of information. An insurance company shall release information to the Department of Public Safety or the law enforcement authorities necessary to the verification of insurance coverage. An insurance company or its agent acting on its behalf, or an authorized person who releases the above information, whether oral or written, acting in good faith, is immune from any liability, civil or criminal, arising in connection with the release of the information.

Subd. 2. Receipt of data by electronic transfer. The commissioner may, in the commissioner's discretion, agree to receive by electronic transfer any information required by this chapter to be provided to the commissioner by an insurance company.

Subd. 3. Sampling to verify insurance coverage. (a) The commissioner of public safety shall implement a monthly sampling program to verify insurance coverage. The sample must annually include at least two percent of all drivers who own motor vehicles, as defined in section 168.011, licensed in the state, one-half of whom during the previous year have been convicted of at least one vehicle insurance law violation, have had a driver's license revoked or suspended due to habitual violation of traffic laws, have had no insurance in effect at the time of a reportable crash, or have been convicted of an alcohol-related motor vehicle offense. No sample may be selected based on race, religion, physical or mental disability, economic status, or geographic location.

(b) The commissioner shall request each vehicle owner included in the sample to furnish insurance coverage information to the commissioner within 30 days. The request must require the owner to state whether or not all motor vehicles owned by that person were insured on the verification date stated in the commissioner's request. The request may require, but is not limited to, a signed statement by the owner that the information is true and correct, the names and addresses of insurers, policy numbers, and expiration or renewal dates of insurance coverage.

(c) The commissioner shall conduct a verification of the response by transmitting necessary information to the insurance companies named in the owner's response.

(d) The insurance companies shall electronically notify the commissioner, within 30 days of the commissioner's request, of any false statements regarding coverage.

(e) The commissioner shall suspend, without preliminary hearing, the driver's license, if any, of a vehicle owner who falsely claims coverage, who indicates that coverage was not in effect at the time specified in the request, or who fails to respond to the commissioner's request to furnish proof of insurance. The commissioner shall comply with the notice requirement of section 171.18, subdivision 2.

(f) Before reinstatement of the driver's license, there must be filed with the commissioner of public safety the written certificate of an insurance carrier authorized to do business in the state stating that security has been provided as required by section 65B.48. The commissioner of public safety may require the certificate of insurance provided to satisfy this subdivision to be certified by the insurance carrier for a period not to exceed one year. The commissioner of public safety may also require a certificate of insurance to be filed with respect to all vehicles required to be insured under section 65B.48 and owned by any person whose driving privileges have been suspended as provided in this section before reinstating the person's driver's license.

HIST: 1989 c 321 s 15; 1992 c 571 art 14 s 6; 1Sp2003 c 19 art 2 s 30

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