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125A.28 State Interagency Coordinating Council.

An Interagency Coordinating Council of at least 17, but not more than 25 members is established, in compliance with Public Law 102-119, section 682. The members must be appointed by the governor. Council members must elect the council chair. The representative of the commissioner may not serve as the chair. The council must be composed of at least five parents, including persons of color, of children with disabilities under age 12, including at least three parents of a child with a disability under age seven, five representatives of public or private providers of services for children with disabilities under age five, including a special education director, county social service director, local Head Start director, and a community health services or public health nursing administrator, one member of the senate, one member of the house of representatives, one representative of teacher preparation programs in early childhood-special education or other preparation programs in early childhood intervention, at least one representative of advocacy organizations for children with disabilities under age five, one physician who cares for young children with special health care needs, one representative each from the commissioners of commerce, education, health, human services, a representative from the state agency responsible for child care, and a representative from Indian health services or a tribal council. Section 15.059, subdivisions 2 to 5, apply to the council. The council must meet at least quarterly.

The council must address methods of implementing the state policy of developing and implementing comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary interagency programs of early intervention services for children with disabilities and their families.

The duties of the council include recommending policies to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated system of all state and local agency services for children under age five with disabilities and their families. The policies must address how to incorporate each agency's services into a unified state and local system of multidisciplinary assessment practices, individual intervention plans, comprehensive systems to find children in need of services, methods to improve public awareness, and assistance in determining the role of interagency early intervention committees.

By September 1, the council must recommend to the governor and the commissioners of education, health, human services, commerce, and employment and economic development policies for a comprehensive and coordinated system.

Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the State Interagency Coordinating Council expires on June 30, 2005.

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