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CHAPTER 97C. Fishing

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


97C.001 Experimental waters.
97C.003 [Repealed, 2002 c 351 s 34]
97C.005 Special management waters.
97C.011 Muskellunge lakes.
97C.015 Mississippi River Fish Refuge.
97C.02 Acquisition of critical aquatic habitat.
97C.021 Angling restricted in trout streams.
97C.025 Fishing and motorboats restricted in certain areas.
97C.031 Lakes with unbalanced fish populations.
97C.035 Endangered fish populations.
97C.041 Commissioner may remove rough fish and catfish.
97C.045 Removal of rough fish from boundary waters.
97C.051 Special permits to use piscicides.
97C.055 Dead fish removal.
97C.061 Dragging a weight or an anchor through vegetation.
97C.065 Pollutants in waters.
97C.071 Permit required for structure in public waters.
97C.075 Fish screens in flowing waters.
97C.077 Fish screens in lakes.
97C.081 Fishing contests.
97C.085 Permit required for tagging fish.


97C.201 State fish stocking prohibited without public access.
97C.203 Disposal of state hatchery eggs or fry.
97C.205 Rules for transporting and stocking fish.
97C.209 [Repealed, 1992 c 566 s 23]
97C.211 Private fish hatcheries.
97C.215 Special permits for United States agents.


97C.301 License required to take fish.
97C.305 Trout and salmon stamp validation.
97C.311 Lake Superior fishing guide license.
97C.315 Angling lines and hooks.
97C.317 Fishing as a party.
97C.321 Restrictions on unattended lines.
97C.325 Prohibited methods of taking fish.
97C.327 Measurement of fish length.
97C.331 Snagging fish prohibited.
97C.335 Use of artificial lights to take fish prohibited.
97C.341 Certain fish prohibited for bait.
97C.345 Restrictions on use and possession of nets and spears.
97C.347 [Repealed, 1988 c 588 s 17]
97C.351 Fish nets must have tag attached.
97C.355 Dark houses and fish houses.
97C.361 Restrictions on fish houses and dark houses in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
97C.365 Spears prohibited while angling in fish house or dark house.
97C.371 Spearing fish.
97C.375 Taking rough fish by spearing or archery.
97C.381 Harpooning rough fish.
97C.385 Commissioner's authority to regulate winter fishing.
97C.391 Buying and selling fish.
97C.395 Open seasons for angling.
97C.401 Limits.
97C.402 [Repealed, 1988 c 588 s 17]
97C.403 Rainy River walleye restrictions.
97C.405 Muskellunge size limits.
97C.411 Sturgeon and paddlefish.
97C.415 Trout and salmon.


97C.501 Minnow licenses required.
97C.505 Minnows.
97C.511 Minnow seines.
97C.515 Imported minnows.
97C.521 Transportation of carp fingerlings prohibited.
97C.525 Restrictions on transportation of minnows.


97C.601 Frogs.


97C.605 Turtles.
97C.611 Snapping turtles; limits.
97C.615 [Repealed, 1989 c 266 s 5]
97C.621 Areas may be closed to taking turtles.


97C.701 Taking mussels.
97C.705 Mussel seasons.
97C.711 Undersized mussels.


97C.801 Taking rough fish on Mississippi River.
97C.805 Netting of lake whitefish and ciscoes.
97C.811 Commercial fishing in inland waters.
97C.815 Commercial fishing areas.
97C.821 Possession, sale, and transportation of commercial fish.
97C.825 Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake fishing.
97C.827 Lake of the Woods; commercial fishing of rough fish.
97C.831 Namakan and Sand Point Lakes; commercial fishing.
97C.835 Lake Superior commercial fishing.
97C.841 Apprentice license.
97C.843 Possession for commercial netting.
97C.845 Interference with commercial fishing.
97C.851 Commercial fishing in international waters; resort owners.
97C.855 Upper and Lower Red Lake and Nett Lake; transportation, sale, and disposal.
97C.861 Fish vendor requirements.
97C.865 Fish packers.
97C.871 Crayfish.

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