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245A.22 Independent living assistance for youth.

Subdivision 1. Independent living assistance for youth. "Independent living assistance for youth" means a nonresidential program that provides a system of services that includes training, counseling, instruction, supervision, and assistance provided to youth according to the youth's independent living plan, when the placements in the program are made by the county agency. Services may include assistance in locating housing, budgeting, meal preparation, shopping, personal appearance, counseling, and related social support services needed to meet the youth's needs and improve the youth's ability to conduct such tasks independently. Such services shall not extend to youths needing 24-hour per day supervision and services. Youths needing a 24-hour per day program of supervision and services shall not be accepted or retained in an independent living assistance program.

Subd. 2. Admission. The license holder shall accept as clients in the independent living assistance program only individuals specified under section 256E.115.

Subd. 3. Independent living plan. Unless an independent living plan has been developed by the local agency, the license holder shall develop a plan based on the client's individual needs that specifies objectives for the client. The services provided shall include those specified in this section. The plan shall identify the persons responsible for implementation of each part of the plan. The plan shall be reviewed as necessary, but at least annually.

Subd. 4. Records. The license holder shall maintain a record for each client.

(a) Required records. For each client the record maintained by the license holder shall document the following:

(1) admission information;

(2) the independent living plan;

(3) delivery of the services required of the license holder in the independent living plan;

(4) the client's progress toward obtaining the objectives identified in the independent living plan; and

(5) a termination summary after service is terminated.

(b) Money records. If the license holder manages the client's money, the record maintained by the license holder shall also include the following:

(1) written permission from the client or the client's legal guardian to manage the client's money;

(2) the reasons the license holder is to manage the client's money; and

(3) a complete record of the use of the client's money and reconciliation of the account.

Subd. 5. Service termination plan. The license holder, in conjunction with the county agency, shall establish a service termination plan that specifies how independent living assistance services will be terminated and the actions to be performed by the involved agencies, including necessary referrals for other ongoing services.

Subd. 6. Place of residence provided by program. When a client's place of residence is provided by the license holder as part of the independent living assistance program, the place of residence is not subject to separate licensure.

Subd. 7. General licensing requirements apply. In addition to the requirements of this section, providers of independent living assistance are subject to general licensing requirements of this chapter.

HIST: 1997 c 248 s 33; 1Sp2003 c 14 art 11 s 11

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