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168.1293 Special license plates; authorization; discontinuance.

Subdivision 1. Definition. For purposes of this section and section 168.1297, "special license plate" means a license plate that is authorized by law to have wording and graphics that differ from a Minnesota passenger vehicle license plate.

Subd. 2. Submissions to department. (a) A person, legal entity, or other requester, however organized, that plans to seek legislation establishing a new special license plate shall submit the following information and fee to the Department of Public Safety:

(1) The requester shall submit a request for the special license plate being sought, describing the proposed license plate in general terms, the purpose of the plate, and the proposed fee or minimum contribution required for the plate.

(2) The requester shall submit the results of a scientific sample survey of Minnesota motor vehicle owners that indicates that at least 10,000 motor vehicle owners intend to purchase the proposed plate with the proposed fee or minimum contribution. The requester's plan to undertake the survey must be reported to the department before the survey is undertaken. The survey must be performed independently of the requester by another person or legal entity, however organized, that conducts similar sample surveys in the normal course of business.

(3) The requester shall submit an application fee of $20,000, to cover the department's cost of reviewing the application and developing the special license plate if authorized. State funds may not be used to pay the application fee.

(4) The requester shall submit a marketing strategy that contains (i) short-term and long-term marketing plans for the requested plate, and (ii) a financial analysis showing the anticipated revenues and the planned expenditures of any fee or contribution derived from the requested plate.

(b) The requester shall submit the information required under paragraph (a) to the department at least 120 days before the convening of the next regular legislative session at which the requester will submit the proposal.

Subd. 3. Design; redesign. (a) If the special license plate sought by the requester is approved by law, the requester shall submit the proposed design for the plate to the department as soon as practicable, but not later than 120 days after the effective date of the law authorizing issuance of the plate. The department is responsible for selecting the final design for the special license plate.

(b) The requester that originally requested a special license plate subsequently approved by law may not submit a new design for the plate within the five years following the date of first issuance of the plate unless the inventory of those plates has been exhausted. The requester may deplete the remaining inventory of the plates by reimbursing the department for the cost of the plates.

Subd. 4. Refund of fee. If the special license plate requested is not authorized in the legislative session at which authorization was sought, the department shall refund $17,500 of the application fee to the requester.

Subd. 5. Discontinuance of plate. (a) The department shall discontinue the issuance or renewal of any special license plate if (1) fewer than 1,000 sets of those plates are currently registered at the end of the first six years during which the plates are available, or (2) fewer than 1,000 sets of those plates are currently registered at the end of any subsequent two-year period following the first six years of availability.

(b) The department may discontinue the issuance or renewal of any special license plate, and distribution of any contributions resulting from that plate, if the department determines that (1) the fund or requester receiving the contributions no longer exists, (2) the requester has stopped providing services that are authorized to be funded from the contribution proceeds, (3) the requester has requested discontinuance, or (4) contributions have been used in violation of subdivision 6.

(c) Nothing in this subdivision applies to license plates issued under section 168.123, 168.124, 168.125, or 168.1255.

Subd. 6. Use of contributions. Contributions made as a condition of obtaining a special license plate, and interest earned on the contributions, may not be spent for commercial or for-profit purposes.

Subd. 7. Deposit of fee; appropriation. The commissioner shall deposit the application fee under subdivision 2, paragraph (a), clause (3), in the highway user tax distribution fund. An amount sufficient to pay the department's cost in implementing and administering this section, including payment of refunds under subdivision 4, is appropriated to the commissioner.

HIST: 1Sp2003 c 19 art 2 s 23

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