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CHAPTER 136F. Minnesota state colleges and universities

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


136F.01 Definitions.


136F.02 Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
136F.03 Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Candidate Advisory Council.
136F.04 Student board member selection.
136F.05 Missions.
136F.06 Powers and duties.
136F.07 Chancellor.


136F.10 Designation.
136F.11 Changes in designation and status of educational institutions.
136F.12 Fond du Lac campus.
136F.14 Campus merger or reorganization.
136F.16 Campus establishment.
136F.18 Campus closing.


136F.20 Student health.
136F.22 Student associations.
136F.23 Student associations; purchasing authority.
136F.24 Legal counseling and service program; funding.
136F.25 Absence for chemical abuse treatment.
136F.28 Southwest Asia veterans; technical colleges.


136F.30 Courses and programs.
136F.32 Degrees; diplomas; certificates.
136F.36 Technical college carpentry program construction authority.


136F.40 Appointment of personnel.
136F.41 Assignment to bargaining units.
136F.42 Personnel management.
136F.43 Extended leaves of absence.
136F.44 Administrative interaction with students.
136F.45 Annuities.
136F.46 Nonprofit foundation payroll deduction.
136F.47 Pension plan.
136F.48 Employer-paid health insurance.
136F.49 Licensure.


136F.50 Cooperation or promotion of a state college or university.
136F.52 Local advisory committees.
136F.526 Audits.
136F.53 Parking and traffic regulation.
136F.54 Student housing management.
136F.56 [Repealed, 2003 c 133 art 4 s 9]
136F.58 Bookstores.
136F.581 Purchases and contracts.
136F.582 [Repealed, 2003 c 133 art 4 s 9]
136F.59 Technical equipment.


136F.60 College and university sites; acquisition.
136F.61 State Building Code.
136F.64 Construction, improvement, and repair of facilities.
136F.65 Acceptance of federal money.
136F.66 Capital projects bidding procedures.
136F.67 Financing of child care; parking.
136F.68 State property agreements.


136F.70 Tuition; fees; activities funds.
136F.701 Refund of tuition.
136F.71 Receipts.
136F.72 Funds.
136F.73 Cash over and short account of imprest cash fund.
136F.74 Carryover authority.
136F.76 Litigation awards.
136F.77 Equity investments.
136F.79 Sole state agency.


136F.80 Grants; gifts; bequests; devises; endowments.
136F.81 Transfer of gifts.


136F.90 Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, duties.
136F.91 Bonds, investments.
136F.92 Resolution of board.
136F.93 Student activities, fees charged.
136F.94 Special revenue fund.
136F.95 Allocation of receipts.
136F.96 Administration.
136F.97 Contracts of board, performance compelled.
136F.98 Revenue bonds, issuance; federal tax.

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Revisor of Statutes