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62H.01 Authority to jointly self-insure.

Any two or more employers, excluding the state and its political subdivisions as described in section 471.617, subdivision 1, who are authorized to transact business in Minnesota may jointly self-insure employee health, dental, short-term disability benefits, or other benefits permitted under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, United States Code, title 29, sections 1001 et seq. If an employer chooses to jointly self-insure in accordance with this chapter, the employer must participate in the joint plan for at least three consecutive years. If an employer terminates participation in the joint plan before the conclusion of this three-year period, a financial penalty may be assessed under the joint plan, not to exceed the amount contributed by the employer to the plan's reserves as determined under Minnesota Rules, part 2765.1200. Joint plans must have a minimum of 1,000 covered employees and meet all conditions and terms of sections 62H.01 to 62H.08. Joint plans covering employers not resident in Minnesota must meet the requirements of sections 62H.01 to 62H.08 as if the portion of the plan covering Minnesota resident employees was treated as a separate plan. A plan may cover employees resident in other states only if the plan complies with the applicable laws of that state.

A multiple employer welfare arrangement as defined in United States Code, title 29, section 1002(40)(a), is subject to this chapter to the extent authorized by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, United States Code, title 29, sections 1001 et seq. The commissioner of commerce may, on behalf of the state, enter into an agreement with the United States Secretary of Labor for delegation to the state of some or all of the secretary's enforcement authority with respect to multiple employer welfare arrangements, as described in United States Code, title 29, section 1136(c).

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