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CHAPTER 505. Plats; coordinates; surveys

Table of Sections
Section Headnote


505.01 Plats, donations.
505.02 Survey; contents of plat; boundaries.
505.03 Instruments of dedication; surveyor's certificate.
505.04 Recording.
505.05 Certain statutory city plats declared official.
505.06 Certain statutory city plats to be recorded.
505.07 City with new name may conform plat names.
505.08 Preparation of plat; filing; certification; fees; penalties.
505.09 County board controls plats outside municipalities.
505.10 Major street plan.
505.11 Board to make regulations.
505.12 Powers additional.
505.13 Application; limitation.
505.14 Vacation.
505.15 Certain plats validated.
505.16 Application.
505.165 Certain plats executed or filed before January 1, 1915.
505.17 Certain plats and certificates prima facie evidence.
505.173 Correction of plats.
505.174 Surveyor's certificate of own plat error; correction.
505.175 Certificates by other surveyors.
505.176 Approval of certificates; filing and recording.
505.177 Certificate as prima facie evidence.
505.178 Validation of certain plats.
505.179 Use of plat.
505.1791 Fees.
505.1792 Streets, roads, highways and rights-of-way.
505.1793 Proposed local right-of-way acquisitions; filing.


505.18 Minnesota coordinate system.
505.19 Zones; land descriptions.
505.20 X- and y-coordinates.
505.21 Reference to zones.
505.22 Minnesota coordinate systems defined.
505.23 Where coordinates recorded.
505.24 Limitation of use.
505.25 When use of coordinates supplemental.
505.26 Description not exclusive.
505.27 Renumbered 505.173
505.28 Last use of 1927 coordinate system.


505.31 Entry upon land; notice.
505.32 Surveyor's number on new evidence; old evidence to be left.


505.33 Violations; penalty.

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