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CHAPTER 216B. Public utilities

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
216B.01 Legislative findings.
216B.02 Definitions.
216B.022 Submetering.
216B.025 Municipal regulation option.
216B.026 Cooperative electric association; election on regulation.
216B.027 Cooperative electric association stockholder rights.
216B.03 Reasonable rate.
216B.04 Standard of service.
216B.045 Regulation of intrastate natural gas pipeline.
216B.05 Filing schedules, rules, and service agreements.
216B.06 Receiving different compensation.
216B.07 Rate preference prohibited.
216B.075 Meter reading; customer scheduling needs.
216B.08 Duties of commission.
216B.09 Standards; classifications; rules; practices.
216B.095 Disconnection during cold weather.
216B.097 Cold weather rule, cooperative or municipal utility.
216B.098 Residential customer protections.
216B.10 Accounting.
216B.11 Depreciation rates and practices.
216B.12 Right of entrance; inspection.
216B.13 Production and examination of records.
216B.14 Investigation.
216B.15 Hearings; examiner.
216B.16 Rate change; procedure; hearing.
216B.161 Area development rate plan.
216B.1611 Interconnection of on-site distributed generation.
216B.162 Competitive rate for electric utility.
216B.1621 Electric service agreement.
216B.163 Flexible tariff.
216B.164 Cogeneration and small power production.
216B.1645 Power purchase contract or investment.
216B.1646 Rate reduction; property tax reduction.
216B.165 Energy audit.
216B.166 Cogenerating power plant.
216B.167 Performance-based gas purchasing plan.
216B.1675 Performance regulation plan for gas utility service.
216B.168 Alternative fuel vehicle.
216B.169 Renewable and high-efficiency energy rate options.
216B.1691 Renewable energy objectives.
216B.1692 Emissions reduction rider.
216B.17 Complaint investigation and hearing.
216B.18 Service of notice.
216B.19 Joint hearing and investigation.
216B.20 Separate rate hearing.
216B.21 Summary investigation.
216B.22 Municipality; amicus curiae authority.
216B.23 Lawful rate; reasonable service.
216B.24 Construction of major facility; filing plans.
216B.241 Energy conservation improvement.
216B.2411 Distributed energy resources.
216B.242 Natural gas inverted rates program.
216B.2421 Definition of large energy facility.
216B.2422 Resource planning; renewable energy.
216B.2423 Wind power mandate.
216B.2424 Biomass power mandate.
216B.2425 State transmission plan.
216B.243 Certificate of need for large energy facility.
216B.244 Nuclear plant capacity requirements.
216B.245 Pump and store hydropower facility; prohibition.
216B.25 Further action on previous order.
216B.26 Order; effective date.
216B.27 Rehearing; condition precedent to judicial review.
216B.28 Subpoena; witness fee and mileage.
216B.29 Hearing and subpoena compliance powers.
216B.30 Deposition.
216B.31 Testimony and production of records; perjury.
216B.32 Certified copy of document as evidence.
216B.33 Commission ruling written, filed, and certified.
216B.34 Public records.
216B.35 Transcribed record.
216B.36 Municipal regulatory and taxing powers.
216B.37 Assigned service area; electric utility; legislative policy.
216B.38 Definitions.
216B.39 Assigned service area.
216B.40 Exclusive service right; service extension.
216B.41 Effect of incorporation, annexation, or consolidation.
216B.42 Service extension in certain situations.
216B.421 Homestead; option of electric service.
216B.43 Hearing on complaint.
216B.44 Municipal service territory extension.
216B.45 Municipal purchase of public utility.
216B.46 Municipal acquisition procedures; notice; election.
216B.465 Voter ratification of municipal purchase, limited application.
216B.47 Acquisition by eminent domain.
216B.48 Relations with affiliated interest.
216B.49 Securities; public financing.
216B.50 Restrictions on property transfer and merger.
216B.51 Stock purchase.
216B.52 Appeal.
216B.53 Suspension of commission order.
216B.54 Legal action against violation.
216B.55 [Repealed, 1983 c 247 s 219]
216B.56 Burden of proof.
216B.57 Penalty for violation of act.
216B.58 Penalties; construing act, omission, and failure.
216B.59 Continuing violation.
216B.60 Penalties cumulative.
216B.61 Actions to recover penalties.
216B.62 Regulatory expenses.
216B.63 Interest on assessment.
216B.64 Attorney general's responsibilities.
216B.65 Department to employ necessary staff.
216B.66 Construction.
216B.67 Citation.
216B.79 Preventative maintenance.
216B.81 Standards for distribution utilities.

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