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43A.23 Contracting authority.

Subdivision 1. General. The commissioner is authorized to request bids from carriers or to negotiate with carriers and to enter into contracts with carriers which in the judgment of the commissioner are best qualified to underwrite and service the benefit plans. Contracts entered into with carriers are not subject to the requirements of sections 16C.16 to 16C.19. The commissioner may negotiate premium rates and coverage provisions with all carriers licensed under chapters 62A, 62C, and 62D. The commissioner may also negotiate reasonable restrictions to be applied to all carriers under chapters 62A, 62C, and 62D. Contracts to underwrite the benefit plans must be bid or negotiated separately from contracts to service the benefit plans, which may be awarded only on the basis of competitive bids. The commissioner shall consider the cost of the plans, conversion options relating to the contracts, service capabilities, character, financial position, and reputation of the carriers, and any other factors which the commissioner deems appropriate. Each benefit contract must be for a uniform term of at least one year, but may be made automatically renewable from term to term in the absence of notice of termination by either party. The commissioner shall, to the extent feasible, make hospital and medical benefits available from at least one carrier licensed to do business pursuant to each of chapters 62A, 62C, and 62D. The commissioner need not provide health maintenance organization services to an employee who resides in an area which is not served by a licensed health maintenance organization. The commissioner may refuse to allow a health maintenance organization to continue as a carrier. The commissioner may elect not to offer all three types of carriers if there are no bids or no acceptable bids by that type of carrier or if the offering of additional carriers would result in substantial additional administrative costs. A carrier licensed under chapter 62A is exempt from the taxes imposed by chapter 297I on premiums paid to it by the state.

All self-insured hospital and medical service products must comply with coverage mandates, data reporting, and consumer protection requirements applicable to the licensed carrier administering the product, had the product been insured, including chapters 62J, 62M, and 62Q. Any self-insured products that limit coverage to a network of providers or provide different levels of coverage between network and nonnetwork providers shall comply with section 62D.123 and geographic access standards for health maintenance organizations adopted by the commissioner of health in rule under chapter 62D.

Subd. 2. Contract to contain statement of benefits. (a) Each contract under sections 43A.22 to 43A.30 shall contain a detailed statement of benefits offered and shall include any maximums, limitations, exclusions, and other definitions of benefits the commissioner deems necessary or desirable. Each hospital and medical benefits contract shall provide benefits at least equal to those required by section 62E.06, subdivision 2.

(b) All summaries of benefits describing the hospital and medical service benefits offered to state employees must comply with laws and rules for content and clarity applicable to the licensed carrier administering the product. Referral procedures must be clearly described. The commissioners of commerce and health, as appropriate, shall review the summaries of benefits, whether written or electronic, and advise the commissioner of employee relations on any changes needed to ensure compliance.

Subd. 3. Contract with insurance carriers. The commissioner of employee relations may contract with carriers authorized to provide coverage under the state employees group insurance plan to extend coverage to eligible employees who incur medical expenses due to a personal injury which results from their state employment which is compensable under chapter 176.

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