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CHAPTER 333. Assumed names, insignia, and marks

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
333.001 Definitions.
333.01 Commercial assumed names.
333.02 Filing of certificate.
333.03 [Repealed, 1978 c 698 s 9]
333.035 Amendment of certificate.
333.04 Secretary of state; duties, fees.
333.05 [Repealed, 1978 c 698 s 9]
333.055 Term of certificate; renewal, notices, fees.
333.06 Pleading failure to file certificate; costs.
333.065 Penalty for violation.
333.07 Lodges, societies and the like may register.
333.08 Application.
333.09 Secretary of state to keep record and index.
333.10 Duplicates not registered.
333.11 Issuance of certificates.
333.12 Fees.
333.13 Violations; penalties.
333.135 Improper use of insignia.
333.14 Unauthorized use is a crime.
333.15 Threatened use may be restrained.
333.16 Vested rights not affected.
333.17 Forbidden in business; "marine" exception.
333.18 Definitions.
333.19 Unregistrable matter; collective and certification marks.
333.20 Application; form, signature, specimen of mark, fee.
333.21 Certificate of registration, issuance, evidentiary effect.
333.22 Term of registration; renewal, notice, fee.
333.23 Conveyances of marks; recordation, fee, necessity.
333.24 Secretary of state's record of marks.
333.25 Cancellation of marks.
333.26 Must use U.S. patent and trademark office system.
333.27 Improper registration; liability.
333.28 Identical or similar marks; liability for misuse.
333.285 Dilution of distinctive famous mark may be enjoined.
333.29 Remedies.
333.30 Marks acquired at common law.
333.305 Forum is district court; service on nonresident registrant.
333.31 Service of process upon nonresident registrants.
333.40 Trademark; when deemed affixed.
333.41 Trademarks of workers' unions.
333.42 Counterfeiting or dealing in counterfeits; how punished.
333.43 Registration.
333.44 Fraudulent registration or use; penalty.
333.45 Illegal use of certificate of registration.
333.50 Unauthorized use is a crime.
333.51 Threatened use may be restrained.
333.52 Vested rights not affected.
333.53 Unauthorized use is a crime.
333.54 Threatened use may be restrained.

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