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CHAPTER 325G. Consumer protection; solicitation of sales

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
325G.01 Effect of delivery.
325G.02 Definitions.
325G.03 Unsolicited financial transaction cards.
325G.04 Lost or stolen financial transaction cards.
325G.041 Married woman; name on card.
325G.042 Consumer credit; equal treatment of spouses.
325G.05 Disputed accounts.
325G.051 Surcharges on credit cards.
325G.06 Definitions.
325G.07 Buyer's right to cancel.
325G.08 Writing required; notice of right to cancel; notice of cancellation.
325G.09 Return of payments or goods.
325G.10 Penalties for violation.
325G.11 Damages.
325G.12 Definitions.
325G.13 Disclosure obligation.
325G.14 Penalties; remedies.
325G.15 Definitions.
325G.16 Restrictions.
325G.17 Definitions.
325G.18 Implied warranties.
325G.19 Express warranties.
325G.20 Remedies.
325G.203 Definitions.
325G.204 Express warranties.
325G.205 Assistive device replacement or refund.
325G.206 Nonconformity disclosure requirement.
325G.207 Other remedies.
325G.208 Manufacturer's duty to provide reimbursement for temporary replacement of assistive devices; penalties.
325G.21 Deficiency judgments; consumer transactions; definitions.
325G.22 Restrictions on deficiency judgments.
325G.23 Definitions.
325G.24 Right of cancellation.
325G.25 Notice to members.
325G.26 Limitation on membership period.
325G.27 Registration requirements, surety bond requirement, alternative security.
325G.28 Duties of attorney general; penalties; remedies.
325G.29 Citation.
325G.30 Definitions.
325G.31 Plain language required.
325G.32 Exceptions.
325G.33 Remedies.
325G.34 Limits on remedies.
325G.35 Review by the attorney general.
325G.36 Waivers void.
325G.37 Effective date.
325G.40 Citation.
325G.41 Definitions and computations.
325G.415 Credit card disclosure reports.
325G.42 Credit card disclosures.
325G.43 Penalties.
325G.44 Damages.
325G.45 Federal law.
325G.46 Alternative compliance.
325G.47 Notification of annual fee.
325G.50 Membership travel contracts; cancellation.
325G.51 Penalties; remedies.
325G.52 Consumer education; telemarketing fraud.