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CHAPTER 325E. Regulation of trade practices

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
325E.01 Delivery tickets to accompany each fuel delivery.
325E.015 Budget payment plans for residential customers.
325E.02 Customer deposits.
325E.021 Utility delinquency charges.
325E.025 Landlords and tenants; utility bills.
325E.026 Unauthorized use of utility meters.
325E.03 Sale of beverage containers having detachable parts; penalty.
325E.031 Immigration services.
325E.035 [Repealed, 1Sp1989 c 1 art 20 s 30]
325E.04 Free samples; distribution; penalty.
325E.042 Prohibiting sale of certain plastics.
325E.044 Plastic container labeling.
325E.05 Agricultural implement dealerships; return of stock.
325E.06 Repurchase of farm machinery, implements, attachments and parts upon termination of contract.
325E.061 Definitions.
325E.062 Terminations or cancellations.
325E.063 Violations.
325E.064 Status of inconsistent agreements.
325E.065 Remedies.
325E.066 Citation.
325E.067 Applicability.
325E.068 Definitions.
325E.0681 Terminations or cancellations.
325E.0682 Violations.
325E.0683 Status of inconsistent agreements.
325E.0684 Remedies.
325E.07 Cigarette vending machines, notice relating to sales.
325E.075 [Repealed, 1997 c 227 s 8]
325E.08 Service for handicapped at gasoline stations.
325E.09 [Repealed, 1992 c 575 s 54]
325E.095 Computation of sales by small retailers.
325E.0951 Motor vehicle air pollution control systems.
325E.10 Definitions.
325E.11 Collection facilities; notice.
325E.112 Used motor oil and used motor oil filter collection.
325E.113 Contaminated used motor oil reimbursement account.
325E.115 Lead acid batteries; collection for recycling.
325E.1151 Lead acid battery purchase and return.
325E.12 Penalty.
325E.125 General and special purpose battery requirements.
325E.1251 Penalty enforcement.
325E.13 Tampering with odometers; definitions.
325E.14 Prohibited acts.
325E.15 Transfer of motor vehicle; mileage disclosure.
325E.16 Penalties; remedies.
325E.169 Definitions.
325E.17 Unlawful transfers or sales of recordings.
325E.18 Identity of transferor.
325E.19 Exemptions.
325E.20 [Repealed, 1993 c 221 s 7]
325E.201 Violations; punishment.
325E.21 Dealers in wire and cable; records and reports.
325E.22 Penalty.
325E.23 Definitions.
325E.24 Furnishing of space; exceptions.
325E.25 Violations.
325E.26 Definitions.
325E.27 Use of prerecorded or synthesized voice messages.
325E.28 Requirements on automatic dialing-announcing devices.
325E.29 Message requirements.
325E.30 Time of day limit.
325E.31 Remedies.
325E.32 Waste tires; collection.
325E.33 Misconduct of athletic agents.
325E.34 Free newspapers; exclusive right to distribute prohibited.
325E.35 Definitions.
325E.36 Seller-financed agricultural input sales.
325E.37 Termination of sales representatives.
325E.38 Sale of certain CFC products prohibited.
325E.39 Telephone advertising services.
325E.395 Facsimile transmission of unsolicited advertising materials.
325E.40 Sale of petroleum-based sweeping compound products prohibited.
325E.41 Deceptive trade practices; environmental marketing claims.
325E.42 Deceptive trade practices; gambling advertising and marketing claims.
325E.50 Definitions.
325E.51 Licensing negotiations.
325E.52 Royalty contract requirements.
325E.53 Improper licensing practices.
325E.54 Investigation.
325E.55 Remedies; injunction.
325E.56 Remedies cumulative.
325E.57 Exceptions.
325E.58 Sign contractor; bond.

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