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CHAPTER 103E. Drainage

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103E.005 Definitions.
103E.011 Drainage authority powers.
103E.015 Considerations before drainage work is done.
103E.021 Ditches must be planted with permanent grass.
103E.025 Procedure for drainage project that affects state land or water area used for conservation.
103E.031 Connection with drains in adjoining states.
103E.035 Defective notice.
103E.041 Personal service in lieu of other methods of notice.
103E.043 Informal meetings.
103E.045 Failure of drainage authority to attend hearings.
103E.051 Defective proceedings.
103E.055 Reimbursement of cost of former surveys when used later.
103E.061 Right of entry.
103E.065 Drainage inspectors.
103E.071 County attorney.
103E.075 Obstruction of drainage system.
103E.081 Crimes related to drainage systems; penalties.
103E.085 Enforcement.
103E.091 Appeals.
103E.095 Appeal from orders dismissing or establishing drainage systems.
103E.097 Payment of attorney fees on appeal.
103E.101 Drainage proceeding and construction records.
103E.105 Advice about drainage questions.
103E.111 Field surveys and investigations by director.
103E.115 Hydrological and drainage information.
103E.121 Drain tile manufacturing studies.
103E.202 Petitions.
103E.212 New drainage system projects.
103E.215 Improvement of drainage system.
103E.221 Improvement of outlets.
103E.225 Laterals.
103E.227 Impounding and diversion of drainage system waters.
103E.231 Dismissal or delay of proceedings by petitioners.
103E.235 Drainage system in two or more counties.
103E.238 County attorney review of petition and bond.
103E.241 Engineer.
103E.245 Preliminary survey and preliminary survey report.
103E.251 Filing preliminary survey report.
103E.255 Commissioner's preliminary advisory report.
103E.261 Preliminary hearing.
103E.265 Order for detailed survey and detailed survey report.
103E.271 Detailed survey.
103E.275 Engineer's variance from drainage authority order.
103E.281 Soil survey.
103E.285 Detailed survey report.
103E.291 Filing detailed survey report.
103E.295 Revision of engineer's detailed survey report after acceptance.
103E.301 Commissioner's final advisory report.
103E.305 Viewers' appointment and qualification.
103E.311 Viewers' duties.
103E.315 Assessment of drainage benefits and damages.
103E.321 Viewers' report.
103E.323 Property owners' report.
103E.325 Final hearing notice.
103E.331 Jurisdiction of property by drainage authority.
103E.335 Proceedings at the final hearing.
103E.341 Drainage authority final order.
103E.345 Apportionment of cost for joint county drainage systems.
103E.351 Redetermination of benefits and damages.
103E.401 Use of drainage system as an outlet.
103E.405 Outlets in adjoining states.
103E.411 Drainage system as outlet for municipality.
103E.501 Contract and bond.
103E.505 Awarding the construction contract.
103E.511 Procedure if contract is not awarded due to bids or costs.
103E.515 Damages, payment.
103E.521 Supervision of construction.
103E.525 Construction and maintenance of bridges and culverts.
103E.526 Construction of road instead of bridge or culvert.
103E.53 Rules to standardize forms.
103E.531 Inspection of drainage construction and partial payments.
103E.535 Partial payment of retained contract amounts.
103E.541 Extension of time on contracts.
103E.545 Reduction of contractor's bond.
103E.551 Contractor's default.
103E.555 Acceptance of contract.
103E.601 Drainage lien statement.
103E.605 Effect of filed drainage lien.
103E.611 Payment of drainage liens and interest.
103E.615 Enforcement of assessments.
103E.621 Satisfaction of liens.
103E.625 Subdivision by platting must have liens apportioned.
103E.631 Apportionment of liens.
103E.635 Drainage bond issues.
103E.641 Drainage funding bonds.
103E.645 Allowance and payment of fees and expenses.
103E.651 Drainage system account.
103E.655 Payment of drainage system costs.
103E.661 Examination and establishment of drainage system accounts by state auditor.
103E.701 Repairs.
103E.705 Repair procedure.
103E.711 Cost apportionment for joint county drainage systems.
103E.715 Procedure for repair by petition.
103E.721 Replacement and hydraulic capacity of bridges and culverts.
103E.725 Cost of repair.
103E.728 Apportionment of repair costs.
103E.731 Assessment; bonds.
103E.735 Drainage system repair fund.
103E.741 Inclusion of property that has not been assessed benefits.
103E.745 Cost of repair exceeding benefits in Anoka county.
103E.801 Consolidation or division of drainage systems.
103E.805 Removal of property from and partial abandonment of a drainage system.
103E.811 Abandonment of drainage system.

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