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CHAPTER 504. Landlords and tenants

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
504.01 Distress for rent.
504.012 Written lease required; penalty.
504.015 Tenant to be given copy of lease.
504.02 Cancellation of leases in certain cases; abandonment or surrender of possession.
504.03 Tenant may not deny title; exception.
504.04 Person in possession liable for rent; evidence.
504.05 Rent liability; destroyed untenantable tenements.
504.06 Estate at will, how determined; notice.
504.07 Urban real estate; holding over.
504.08 Notice to be given of vacation of building.
504.09 Notice of cancellation of leases.
504.17 Obsolete
504.18 Covenants of lessor or licensor.
504.181 Covenant of lessor and lessee not to allow unlawful activities.
504.183 Tenant's right to privacy.
504.185 Emergency conditions; loss of essential services.
504.19 [Repealed, 1973 c 561 s 2]
504.20 Interest on security deposits; withholding security deposits; damages.
504.201 Restriction on lease terms for buildings in financial distress.
504.21 Restriction on automatic renewals of leases.
504.215 Tenant's right to seek police and emergency assistance.
504.22 Definitions, disclosure and actions.
504.23 Code violations, disclosure.
504.24 Property abandonment.
504.245 Action for rental of condemned residential premises.
504.246 Disclosure required for outstanding inspection and condemnation orders.
504.25 Unlawful ouster or exclusion; penalty.
504.255 Unlawful ouster or exclusion; damages.
504.257 Unlawful destruction; damages.
504.26 Unlawful termination of utilities.
504.265 Restrictions on eviction due to familial status.
504.27 Remedies are additional.
504.28 Termination of lease upon death of lessee.
504.29 Definitions.
504.31 Tenant report; remedies.
504.32 Notice requirement.
504.33 [Repealed, 1995 c 255 art 2 s 17]
504.34 [Repealed, 1995 c 255 art 2 s 17]
504.35 [Repealed, 1995 c 255 art 2 s 17]
504.36 Pets in subsidized handicapped accessible rental housing units.

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Revisor of Statutes