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256.019 Recovery of money; apportionment.

When an amount is recovered from any source for assistance given under the provisions governing public assistance programs including the aid to families with dependent children program formerly codified in sections 256.72 to 256.87, MFIP, general assistance medical care, emergency assistance, general assistance, and Minnesota supplemental aid, the county may keep one-half of recovery made by the county agency using any method other than recoupment. For medical assistance, if the recovery is made by a county agency using any method other than recoupment, the county may keep one-half of the nonfederal share of the recovery. This does not apply to recoveries from medical providers or to recoveries begun by the department of human services' surveillance and utilization review division, state hospital collections unit, and the benefit recoveries division or, by the attorney general's office, or child support collections. In the food stamp program, the nonfederal share of recoveries in the federal tax refund offset program (FTROP) only will be divided equally between the state agency and the involved county agency.

HIST: 1988 c 719 art 8 s 29; 1993 c 306 s 2; 1997 c 85 art 5 s 4; 1999 c 159 s 38

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