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144.98 Certification of environmental laboratories.

Subdivision 1. Authorization. The commissioner of health may certify laboratories that test environmental samples.

Subd. 2. Rules. The commissioner may adopt rules to implement this section, including:

(1) procedures, requirements, and fee adjustments for laboratory certification, including provisional status and recertification;

(2) standards and fees for certificate approval, suspension, and revocation;

(3) standards for environmental samples;

(4) analysis methods that assure reliable test results;

(5) laboratory quality assurance, including internal quality control, proficiency testing, and personnel training; and

(6) criteria for recognition of certification programs of other states and the federal government.

Subd. 3. Fees. (a) An application for certification under subdivision 1 must be accompanied by the biennial fee specified in this subdivision. The fees are for:

(1) base certification fee, $500; and

(2) test category certification fees:

Test Category Certification Fee Bacteriology $200 Inorganic chemistry, fewer than four constituents $100 Inorganic chemistry, four or more constituents $300 Chemistry metals, fewer than four constituents $200 Chemistry metals, four or more constituents $500 Volatile organic compounds $600 Other organic compounds $600

(b) The total biennial certification fee is the base fee plus the applicable test category fees. The biennial certification fee for a contract laboratory is 1.5 times the total certification fee.

(c) Laboratories located outside of this state that require an on-site survey will be assessed an additional $1,200 fee.

(d) Fees must be set so that the total fees support the laboratory certification program. Direct costs of the certification service include program administration, inspections, the agency's general support costs, and attorney general costs attributable to the fee function.

Subd. 4. Fees for laboratory proficiency testing and technical training. The commissioner of health may set fees for proficiency testing and technical training services under section 16A.1285. Fees must be set so that the total fees cover the direct costs of the proficiency testing and technical training services, including salaries, supplies and equipment, travel expenses, and attorney general costs attributable to the fee function.

Subd. 5. State government special revenue fund. Fees collected under this section must be deposited in the state government special revenue fund.

HIST: 1988 c 689 art 2 s 34; 1Sp1993 c 1 art 9 s 52; 1995 c 165 s 4; 1995 c 233 art 2 s 50; 1996 c 305 art 3 s 21; 1999 c 250 art 3 s 21

* NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 3 by Laws 1999, chapter *250, article 3, section 21, is effective July 1, 2001. Laws *1999, chapter 250, article 3, section 29.

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