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Chapter 119B

Section 119B.13

Recent History

119B.13 Child care rates.

Subdivision 1. Subsidy restrictions. The maximum rate paid for child care assistance under the child care fund may not exceed the 75th percentile rate for like-care arrangements in the county as surveyed by the commissioner. A rate which includes a provider bonus paid under subdivision 2 or a special needs rate paid under subdivision 3 may be in excess of the maximum rate allowed under this subdivision. The department shall monitor the effect of this paragraph on provider rates. The county shall pay the provider's full charges for every child in care up to the maximum established. The commissioner shall determine the maximum rate for each type of care, including special needs and handicapped care. Not less than once every two years, the commissioner shall evaluate market practices for payment of absences and shall establish policies for payment of absent days that reflect current market practice.

When the provider charge is greater than the maximum provider rate allowed, the parent is responsible for payment of the difference in the rates in addition to any family copayment fee.

Subd. 2. Provider rate bonus for accreditation. A family child care provider or child care center shall be paid a ten percent bonus above the maximum rate established in subdivision 1, if the provider or center holds a current early childhood development credential approved by the commissioner, up to the actual provider rate.

Subd. 3. Provider rate for care of children with handicaps or special needs. Counties shall reimburse providers for the care of children with handicaps or special needs, at a special rate to be approved by the county for care of these children, subject to the approval of the commissioner.

Subd. 4. Rates charged to publicly subsidized families. Child care providers receiving reimbursement under this chapter may not charge a rate to clients receiving assistance under this chapter that is higher than the private, full-paying client rate.

Subd. 5. Provider notice. The county shall inform both the family receiving assistance under this chapter and the child care provider of the payment amount and how and when payment will be received. If the county sends a family a notice that child care assistance will be terminated, the county shall inform the provider that unless the family requests to continue to receive assistance pending an appeal, child care payments will no longer be made. The notice to the provider must not contain any private data on the family or information on why payment will no longer be made.

Subd. 6. Provider payments. Counties shall make vendor payments to the child care provider or pay the parent directly for eligible child care expenses. If payments for child care assistance are made to providers, the provider shall bill the county for services provided within ten days of the end of the month of service. If bills are submitted in accordance with the provisions of this subdivision, a county shall issue payment to the provider of child care under the child care fund within 30 days of receiving an invoice from the provider. Counties may establish policies that make payments on a more frequent basis. A county's payment policies must be included in the county's child care plan under section 119B.08, subdivision 3.

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