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CHAPTER 115B. Environmental response and liability

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
115B.01 Citation.
115B.02 Definitions.
115B.03 Responsible person.
115B.04 Liability for response costs and natural resources; limitations and defenses.
115B.05 Liability for economic loss, death, personal injury and disease; limitations and defenses.
115B.055 Effect of removing and repealing certain provisions.
115B.06 Application to past actions.
115B.07 [Repealed, 1Sp1985 c 8 s 19]
115B.08 Liability under section 115B.04; apportionment and contribution.
115B.09 Liability under section 115B.05; comparative fault and contribution.
115B.10 No avoidance of liability; insurance and subrogation.
115B.11 Statute of limitations.
115B.12 Other remedies preserved.
115B.13 Double recovery prohibited.
115B.14 Award of costs.
115B.15 Application of sections 115B.01 to 115B.14.
115B.16 Disposition of facilities.
115B.17 State response to releases.
115B.175 Voluntary response actions; liability protection; procedures.
115B.177 Owner of real property affected by off-site release.
115B.178 Association with release; commissioner's determination.
115B.179 Commissioner's authority not limited.
115B.18 Failure to take requested actions; civil penalties; action to compel performance; injunctive relief.
115B.19 Purposes of account and taxes.
115B.20 Environmental response, compensation, and compliance account.
115B.21 Taxes; definitions.
115B.22 Hazardous waste generator tax.
115B.223 [Repealed, 1993 c 172 s 93; 1997 c 216 s 160]
115B.224 [Repealed, 1993 c 172 s 93; 1997 c 216 s 160]
115B.23 Severability.
115B.24 Tax administration and enforcement.
115B.241 Repealer.
115B.25 Definitions.
115B.26 Harmful substance compensation account.
115B.27 Harmful substance compensation board.
115B.28 Powers and duties of the board.
115B.29 Eligible persons.
115B.30 Eligible injury and damage.
115B.31 Other actions.
115B.32 Claim for compensation.
115B.33 Determination of claim.
115B.34 Compensable losses.
115B.35 Determination of claims.
115B.36 Amount and form of payment.
115B.37 Attorney fees.
115B.39 Landfill cleanup program; establishment.
115B.40 Program.
115B.402 Illegal actions at qualified facilities.
115B.403 Acceptance of dump materials to augment closure or closure upgrade activities at qualified facilities.
115B.405 Excluded facilities.
115B.41 Allocation of costs; failure to comply.
115B.412 Program operation.
115B.414 Third-party claims; mediation; defense.
115B.42 Solid waste fund.
115B.421 Closed landfill investment fund.
115B.43 Reimbursable parties and expenses.
115B.44 [Repealed, 1996 c 370 s 7]
115B.441 Insurance claims settlement and recovery process; findings and purpose.
115B.442 Settlement process; information gathering.
115B.443 Settlement process.
115B.444 State action against insurers.
115B.445 Deposit of proceeds.
115B.45 [Repealed, 1996 c 370 s 7]
115B.46 [Repealed, 1996 c 370 s 7]
115B.47 Citation.
115B.48 Definitions.
115B.49 Drycleaner environmental response and reimbursement account.
115B.491 Drycleaning facility use fee; facilities to file return.
115B.492 Allocation of payment.
115B.50 Response actions.
115B.51 Illegal actions.

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