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CHAPTER 103F. Protection of water resources

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
103F.001 Effect of chapter 103F on water law.
103F.101 Citation.
103F.105 Floodplain management policy.
103F.111 Definitions.
103F.115 Priority for reduction of flood damage.
103F.121 Floodplain management ordinances.
103F.125 Consideration of industrial uses in floodplain.
103F.131 Amusement park exemption.
103F.135 Commissioner's assistance and inspections.
103F.141 Rules.
103F.145 Enforcement and penalties.
103F.151 Flood prone area inventory and assessment.
103F.155 Flood protection plans.
103F.161 Flood hazard mitigation grants.
103F.165 Flood insurance.
103F.171 Southern Minnesota rivers basin area II boundaries.
103F.173 Program.
103F.175 Aid formula.
103F.177 Operation within agency.
103F.179 Selection of projects.
103F.181 Conditions for grants.
103F.183 Approved projects.
103F.185 Interstate cooperation.
103F.187 Report to legislature.
103F.201 Regulatory purpose of shoreland development.
103F.205 Definitions.
103F.211 Model standards and criteria.
103F.215 Model ordinance as county ordinance.
103F.221 Municipal shoreland management.
103F.301 Citation.
103F.305 Scenic river protection policy.
103F.311 Definitions.
103F.315 Wild and scenic rivers system.
103F.321 Administration and rules.
103F.325 Designation procedure.
103F.331 Acquisition and development of system.
103F.335 Local government compliance.
103F.341 Federal-state relations.
103F.345 Conflict with other laws.
103F.351 Lower St. Croix Wild and Scenic River Act.
103F.361 Findings and intent.
103F.363 Applicability.
103F.365 Definitions.
103F.367 Mississippi headwaters board.
103F.369 Plan implementation.
103F.371 Responsibilities of other governmental units.
103F.373 Review and certification of land use actions.
103F.375 Incorporation and annexation.
103F.377 Biennial report.
103F.378 Minnesota river basin joint powers board.
103F.381 Findings.
103F.383 Definitions.
103F.385 Board.
103F.387 Comprehensive plan.
103F.389 Review and certification of land use actions.
103F.391 Restrictions on land incorporated or annexed.
103F.393 Biennial report.
103F.401 Definitions.
103F.405 Soil loss ordinances.
103F.411 Model ordinance.
103F.415 Excessive soil loss prohibited.
103F.421 Enforcement.
103F.425 District court hearing.
103F.431 Soil and water conservation assistance.
103F.435 Attorney and local government may perform duty of county.
103F.441 Erosion control plan for development activities.
103F.445 Cost-sharing funds.
103F.451 Applicability.
103F.455 Penalty.
103F.460 [Repealed, 1994 c 557 s 27]
103F.461 Groundwater education.
103F.501 Short title.
103F.505 Purpose and policy.
103F.511 Definitions.
103F.515 Conservation reserve program.
103F.516 Permanent wetlands preserve.
103F.521 Cooperation and technical assistance.
103F.525 Supplemental payments on federal and state conservation programs.
103F.526 Food plots in windbreaks.
103F.531 Rulemaking.
103F.535 Reservation of marginal land and wetlands.
103F.601 Water bank program.
103F.612 Wetland preservation areas.
103F.613 Duration of wetland preservation area.
103F.614 Eminent domain actions.
103F.615 Limitation on certain public projects.
103F.616 Soil conservation practices.
103F.701 Citation.
103F.705 Purpose.
103F.711 Definitions.
103F.715 Clean water partnership program established.
103F.721 Statewide resource assessment.
103F.725 Financial and technical assistance.
103F.731 Eligibility for assistance.
103F.735 Agency review of applications.
103F.741 Plan implementation.
103F.745 Rules.
103F.751 Nonpoint source pollution control plan and program evaluation.
103F.755 Integration of data.
103F.761 Public agency coordination.
103F.801 County lake improvement program.
103F.805 State aid for lake improvements.
103F.806 No local approval filed
103F.807 No local approval filed
103F.808 No local approval filed
103F.809 No local approval filed
103F.810 No local approval filed
103F.811 No local approval filed
103F.901 Definitions.
103F.902 Local planning and approval.
103F.903 Wetland establishment and restoration cost-share program.
103F.904 Wetland establishment.
103F.905 Rules.

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Revisor of Statutes