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246.15 Money of inmates of public welfare institutions.

Subdivision 1. The chief executive officer of each institution under the jurisdiction of the commissioner of human services shall have the care and custody of all money belonging to inmates thereof which may come into the chief executive officer's hands, keep accurate accounts thereof, and pay them out under rules prescribed by law or by the commissioner of human services, taking vouchers therefor. All such money received by any officer or employee shall be paid to the chief executive officer forthwith. Every such executive officer, at the close of each month, or oftener if required by the commissioner, shall forward to the commissioner a statement of the amount of all money so received and the names of the inmates from whom received, accompanied by a check for the amount, payable to the state treasurer. On receipt of such statement, the commissioner shall transmit the same to the commissioner of finance, together with such check, who shall deliver the same to the state treasurer. Upon the payment of such check, the amount shall be credited to a fund to be known as "Inmates Fund," for the institution from which the same was received. All such funds shall be paid out by the state treasurer upon vouchers duly approved by the commissioner of human services as in other cases. The commissioner may permit a contingent fund to remain in the hands of the executive officer of any such institution from which necessary expenditure may from time to time be made.

Subd. 2. Any money in the inmates fund provided for in this section, belonging to inmates of state institutions under the jurisdiction of the commissioner of corrections shall forthwith be transferred by the commissioner of human services to the correctional inmates fund created by section 241.08.

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