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626.845 Powers and duties.

Subdivision 1. Powers and duties. The board shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) To certify peace officers' training schools or programs administered by state, county and municipalities located within this state in whole or in part no later than 90 days after receipt of an application for certification. The reasons for noncertification of any school or program or part thereof shall be transmitted to the school within 90 days and shall contain a detailed explanation of the reasons for which the school or program was disapproved and an explanation of what supporting material or other requirements are necessary for the board to reconsider. Disapproval of a school or program shall not preclude the reapplication for certification of the school or program;

(b) To issue certificates to schools, and to revoke such certification when necessary to maintain the objectives and purposes of sections 626.841 to 626.863;

(c) To certify, as qualified, instructors at peace officer training schools, and to issue appropriate certificates to such instructors;

(d) To license peace officers who have satisfactorily completed certified basic training programs, and passed examinations as required by the board;

(e) To cause studies and surveys to be made relating to the establishment, operation, and approval of state, county, and municipal peace officer training schools;

(f) To consult and cooperate with state, county, and municipal peace officer training schools for the development of in-service training programs for peace officers;

(g) To consult and cooperate with universities, colleges, and technical colleges for the development of specialized courses of instruction and study in the state for peace officers and part-time peace officers in police science and police administration;

(h) To consult and cooperate with other departments and agencies of the state and federal government concerned with peace officer standards and training;

(i) To perform such other acts as may be necessary and appropriate to carry out the powers and duties as set forth in the provisions of sections 626.841 to 626.863;

(j) To coordinate the provision, on a regional basis, of skills oriented basic training courses to graduates of certified law enforcement training schools or programs;

(k) To obtain criminal conviction data for persons seeking a license to be issued or possessing a license issued by the board. The board shall have authority to obtain criminal conviction data to the full extent that any other law enforcement agency, as that term is defined by state or federal law, has to obtain the data;

(l) To prepare and transmit annually to the governor a report of its activities with respect to allocation of moneys appropriated to it for peace officers training, including the name and address of each recipient of money for that purpose, the amount awarded, and the purpose of the award;

(m) To assist and cooperate with any political subdivision or state law enforcement agency which employs persons licensed by the board to establish written procedures for the investigation and resolution of allegations of misconduct of persons licensed by the board, and to enforce licensing sanctions for failure to implement such procedures; and

(n) To assist and cooperate with political subdivisions and state law enforcement agencies that employ persons licensed by the board in establishing written procedures to govern the conduct of peace officers who are in pursuit of a vehicle in violation of section 609.487, and requirements for the training of peace officers in conducting pursuits. The board may impose licensing sanctions for failure to establish pursuit procedures and training requirements by October 1, 1989.

In addition, the board may maintain data received from law enforcement agencies under section 626.87, subdivision 5, provide the data to requesting law enforcement agencies who are conducting background investigations, and maintain data on applicants and licensees as part of peace officer license data. The data that may be maintained include the name of the law enforcement agency conducting the investigation and data on the candidate provided under section 626.87, subdivision 5, clauses (1) and (2).

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1988 c 563 s 8

HIST: 1967 c 870 s 5; 1977 c 433 s 7; 1978 c 681 s 12; 1981 c 310 s 4; 1981 c 341 s 4; 1983 c 269 s 4; 1987 c 258 s 12; 1988 c 712 s 19; 1989 c 246 s 2; 1997 c 7 art 1 s 169; art 2 s 66; 1997 c 214 s 4

* NOTE: The amendment to subdivision 1, by Laws 1997, *chapter 214, section 4, is effective July 1, 1998. Laws 1997, *chapter 214, section 6.

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