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326.37 Rules; capacity standards; license exemption.

Subdivision 1. Rules. The state commissioner of health may, by rule, prescribe minimum standards which shall be uniform, and which standards shall thereafter be effective for all new plumbing installations, including additions, extensions, alterations, and replacements connected with any water or sewage disposal system owned or operated by or for any municipality, institution, factory, office building, hotel, apartment building, or any other place of business regardless of location or the population of the city or town in which located. Notwithstanding the provisions of Minnesota Rules, part 4715.3130, as they apply to review of plans and specifications, the commissioner may allow plumbing construction, alteration, or extension to proceed without approval of the plans or specifications by the commissioner.

The commissioner shall administer the provisions of sections 326.37 to 326.45 and for such purposes may employ plumbing inspectors and other assistants.

Subd. 2. Standards for capacity. By January 1, 1993, all new floor-mounted water closets in areas under jurisdiction of the state plumbing code may not have a flush volume of more than 1.6 gallons. The water closets must meet the standards of the commissioner and the American National Standards Institute.

Subd. 3. Exemption. No license authorized by this section shall be required of any contractor or employee engaged in the work or business of pipe laying outside of buildings if such person is engaged in a business or trade which has traditionally performed such work within the state prior to January 1, 1994.

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