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325K.03 Role of the secretary.

Subdivision 1. Transitional duty. If six months elapse during which time no certification authority is licensed in this state, then the secretary shall be a certification authority, and may issue, suspend, and revoke certificates in the manner prescribed for licensed certification authorities. Except for licensing requirements, this chapter applies to the secretary with respect to certificates the secretary issues. The secretary must discontinue acting as a certification authority if another certification authority is licensed, in a manner allowing reasonable transition to private enterprise.

Subd. 2. Record. The secretary must maintain a publicly accessible database containing a certification authority disclosure record for each licensed certification authority. The secretary must publish the contents of the database in at least one recognized repository.

Subd. 3. Rules. The secretary must adopt rules consistent with this chapter and in furtherance of its purposes:

(1) to govern licensed certification authorities, their practice, and the termination of a certification authority's practice;

(2) to determine an amount reasonably appropriate for a suitable guaranty, in light of the burden a suitable guaranty places upon licensed certification authorities and the assurance of quality and financial responsibility it provides to persons who rely on certificates issued by licensed certification authorities;

(3) to specify reasonable requirements for the form of certificates issued by licensed certification authorities, in accordance with generally accepted standards for digital signature certificates;

(4) to specify reasonable requirements for recordkeeping by licensed certification authorities;

(5) to specify reasonable requirements for the content, form, and sources of information in certification authority disclosure records, the updating and timeliness of the information, and other practices and policies relating to certification authority disclosure records;

(6) to specify the form of the certification practice statements; and

(7) otherwise to give effect to and implement this chapter.

HIST: 1997 c 178 s 4

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes