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CHAPTER 325F. Consumer protection; products and sales

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
325F.01 Ban; penalty.
325F.02 Manufacture, storage, or sale of matches.
325F.03 Flame resistant public assembly tents.
325F.04 Flame resistant tents and sleeping bags.
325F.05 Rules.
325F.06 Civil penalties.
325F.07 Criminal penalty.
325F.08 Importation, manufacture, sale or distribution of hazardous articles.
325F.09 Definitions.
325F.10 Banning of hazardous articles; rules.
325F.11 Testing of articles to determine and insure compliance.
325F.12 Repurchase of banned articles.
325F.13 Banned hazardous toys; prohibitions.
325F.14 Seizures.
325F.15 Commissioner's right of access to premises, records.
325F.16 Penalties.
325F.17 Citation.
325F.18 Duty of manufacturer.
325F.181 Formaldehyde product standard.
325F.19 Home insulation; consumer protection; definitions.
325F.20 Specifications for the manufacture, labeling, and installation of insulation.
325F.21 Testing of insulation.
325F.22 Unfair and deceptive advertising practices.
325F.23 Marking, labeling, and consumer information.
325F.24 Enforcement; penalties.
325F.245 Landscape application contracts.
325F.25 Definitions.
325F.26 Use of secondhand material forbidden in certain cases.
325F.27 Sale of bedding.
325F.28 Material must be renovated.
325F.29 Sales forbidden; exceptions; penalties.
325F.30 Shoddy material to be labeled.
325F.31 Bedding to be labeled.
325F.32 Feathers to be renovated.
325F.33 [Repealed, 1Sp1981 c 4 art 1 s 158]
325F.34 Testimony; production of books and documents.
325F.35 Definitions.
325F.36 Manufacture and sale of cotton duck or canvas; stamps, brands, and marks.
325F.37 Certain sales unlawful; misstatements forbidden.
325F.38 Concealing or misstating size unlawful.
325F.39 Unlawful to deface mark.
325F.40 Violations; penalties.
325F.41 Testimony; production of books and documents.
325F.42 Fraud in the sale of wearing apparel.
325F.43 Imitation Indian-made goods to be branded.
325F.44 Brand.
325F.45 Goods not to be sold without brand.
325F.46 Remedies.
325F.47 Misrepresentation of blind-made articles or products forbidden.
325F.48 Prison-made goods are subject to laws of state.
325F.49 [Repealed, 1Sp1981 c 4 art 1 s 191]
325F.50 [Repealed, 1Sp1981 c 4 art 1 s 191]
325F.51 Posted information; violations.
325F.52 MS 1980 Renumbered 325F.73
325F.53 Retail merchandise; price marking.
325F.54 Penalties.
325F.55 Local ordinance preempted.
325F.56 Definitions.
325F.57 Service calls.
325F.58 Estimates.
325F.59 Repairs.
325F.60 Invoice.
325F.61 Return of property.
325F.62 Required shop practices.
325F.63 Remedies; penalties.
325F.64 Exemptions.
325F.65 Preemption by state.
325F.66 Title.
325F.662 Sale of used motor vehicles.
325F.664 New motor vehicle damage disclosures.
325F.6641 Disclosure of motor vehicle damage.
325F.6642 Title branding.
325F.6643 Remedies; penalties.
325F.6644 Application.
325F.665 New motor vehicle warranties; manufacturer's duty to repair, refund, or replace.
325F.6651 Definitions.
325F.6652 Notice to consumer.
325F.6653 Manufacturer's duty to repair.
325F.6654 Manufacturer's duty to refund or replace.
325F.6655 Extension of warranty.
325F.6656 Alternative dispute settlement.
325F.6657 Affirmative defenses.
325F.6658 Limitation on actions.
325F.6659 Remedy nonexclusive.
325F.666 Unlawful reassignment of certain motor vehicle contracts.
325F.6670 Equipment required at time of sale.
325F.67 False statement in advertisement.
325F.68 Definitions.
325F.69 Unlawful practices.
325F.692 Fraudulent telephone services; billing.
325F.693 Fraudulent telephone services; slamming.
325F.70 Remedies.
325F.71 Senior citizens and handicapped persons; additional civil penalty for deceptive acts.
325F.73 Fraudulent sale of gold and silver; penalty.
325F.731 Definitions.
325F.732 License.
325F.733 License; application; terms and conditions.
325F.734 Identification of sellers.
325F.735 Records required.
325F.736 Required holding period.
325F.737 Additional holding period.
325F.738 Trading.
325F.739 Certain purchases prohibited.
325F.741 Payment by check.
325F.742 Governmental subdivisions may regulate.
325F.743 Criminal penalty.
325F.744 Civil penalty.
325F.75 Advertising restrictions; scope; penalties.
325F.755 Prize notices and solicitations.
325F.76 Definitions.
325F.77 Promotional distribution.
325F.78 Remedies.
325F.785 Sales of HIV home collection kits and hypodermic syringes and needles.
325F.79 Definitions.
325F.791 Sales of dogs and cats.
325F.792 Additional penalties.
325F.80 Retail sales of consumer goods; refunds.
325F.81 Replica firearms; warning label.
325F.82 Definitions.
325F.83 Regulation of automatic garage door opening systems.
325F.84 Definitions.
325F.85 Application of other law.
325F.86 Disclosures.
325F.87 Form requirements.
325F.88 Advertising.
325F.89 Default.
325F.90 Lessee's reinstatement rights.
325F.91 Prohibited practices.
325F.92 Lessor's communications concerning lessee.
325F.93 Early purchase option.
325F.94 Claims and defenses.
325F.95 Liability; liability damage waiver.
325F.96 Exempted transaction.
325F.97 Penalties and remedies.
325F.98 [Repealed, 1997 c 7 art 2 s 67]
325F.981 Check cashing practices.
325F.982 Consumer identification information.
325F.985 Definitions.
325F.986 Exclusivity agreements.
325F.987 Limitation on actions.
325F.988 Nonapplication.
325F.99 Telephone calls; fees; long distance carriers; notice.

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