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CHAPTER 323. Uniform partnership act

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
323.01 Citation.
323.02 Definitions.
323.03 Interpretations.
323.04 Rules of construction.
323.05 Rules for cases not provided for.
323.06 Determination of whether partnership exists.
323.07 Partnership property.
323.08 Partners are agents of partnership.
323.09 Conveyance of real property of the partnership.
323.10 Partnership bound by admission of partner.
323.11 Notice to or knowledge of partner charges partnership.
323.12 Partnership liable for partner's wrongful act.
323.13 Partnership liable for partner's breach of trust.
323.14 Nature of partner's liability.
323.15 Partner by estoppel.
323.16 Liability of incoming partner.
323.17 Rights and duties of partners.
323.18 Partnership books.
323.19 Partners must render information.
323.20 Partner accountable as a fiduciary.
323.21 Right to an account.
323.22 After fixed term partnership continues as partnership at will.
323.23 Property rights of a partner.
323.24 Nature of a partner's right in specific partnership property.
323.25 Partner's interest in the partnership.
323.26 Assignment of partner's interest.
323.27 Partner's interest chargeable as such.
323.28 Dissolution.
323.29 Partnership not terminated by dissolution.
323.30 Causes of dissolution.
323.31 Dissolution by decree of court.
323.32 Dissolution terminates agency of partner.
323.33 Right of partner to contribution from copartners after dissolution.
323.34 Partner's agency after dissolution.
323.35 Discharge of existing liabilities on dissolution.
323.36 Right to wind up.
323.37 Allocation of partnership property on dissolution.
323.38 Adjustment of rights on dissolution for fraud.
323.39 Distribution on dissolution.
323.40 Liability of persons continuing the business in certain cases.
323.41 Rights of retiring or estate of deceased partner when the business is continued.
323.42 Right to accounting accrues on dissolution.
323.43 Repeal; exceptions.
323.44 Limited liability partnerships.
323.45 Name of limited liability partnerships.
323.46 Applicability to foreign and interstate commerce.
323.47 Service of process on limited liability partnerships.
323.48 Governing law.
323.49 Foreign limited liability partnerships.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes