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CHAPTER 299B. Crime victims reparations

Table of Sections
299B.01Renumbered 611A.51
299B.02Renumbered 611A.52
299B.03Renumbered 611A.53
299B.04Renumbered 611A.54
299B.06Renumbered 611A.56
299B.07Renumbered 611A.57
299B.071Renumbered 611A.58
299B.08Renumbered 611A.59
299B.09Renumbered 611A.60
299B.10Renumbered 611A.61
299B.11Renumbered 611A.62
299B.12Renumbered 611A.63
299B.13Renumbered 611A.64
299B.14Renumbered 611A.65
299B.15Renumbered 611A.66
299B.16Renumbered 611A.67
299B.17Renumbered 611A.68

299B.01 Renumbered 611A.51

299B.02 Renumbered 611A.52

299B.03 Renumbered 611A.53

299B.04 Renumbered 611A.54

299B.05 Subdivision 1. Renumbered 611A.55 subdivision 1

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1976 c 134 s 79

Subd. 2a. Renumbered 611A.55 subd 2

Subd. 3. Renumbered 611A.55 subd 3

299B.06 Renumbered 611A.56

299B.07 Renumbered 611A.57

299B.071 Renumbered 611A.58

299B.08 Renumbered 611A.59

299B.09 Renumbered 611A.60

299B.10 Renumbered 611A.61

299B.11 Renumbered 611A.62

299B.12 Renumbered 611A.63

299B.13 Renumbered 611A.64

299B.14 Renumbered 611A.65

299B.15 Renumbered 611A.66

299B.16 Renumbered 611A.67

299B.17 Renumbered 611A.68

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Revisor of Statutes