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256.9864 Reports by recipient.

(a) An assistance unit with a recent work history or with earned income shall report monthly to the county agency on income received and other circumstances affecting eligibility or assistance amounts. All other assistance units shall report on income and other circumstances affecting eligibility and assistance amounts, as specified by the state agency.

(b) An assistance unit required to submit a report on the form designated by the commissioner and within ten days of the due date or the date of the significant change, whichever is later, or otherwise report significant changes which would affect eligibility or assistance amounts, is considered to have continued its application for assistance effective the date the required report is received by the county agency, if a complete report is received within a calendar month in which assistance was received, except that no assistance shall be paid for the period beginning with the end of the month in which the report was due and ending with the date the report was received by the county agency.

HIST: 1997 c 85 art 5 s 20