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201.121 Entry of names; mailed notice.

Subdivision 1. Entry of registration information. Upon receiving a voter registration card properly completed and submitted in accordance with sections 201.061 and 201.071, the county auditor shall enter in the statewide registration system the information contained on it. Voter registration cards completed before election day must be entered into the statewide registration system within ten days after they have been submitted to the county auditor.

Upon receiving a completed voter registration card or form, the secretary of state may electronically transmit the information on the card or form to the appropriate county auditor as soon as possible for review by the county auditor before final entry into the statewide registration system. The secretary of state may mail the registration card or form to the county auditor.

Subd. 2. Notice of registration; challenges. The county auditor shall mail a notice indicating the individual's name, address, precinct and polling place to each registered voter. The notice shall indicate that it must be returned if it is not deliverable to the voter at the named address. Upon return of the notice by the postal service, the county auditor shall change the registrant's status to "challenged" in the statewide registration system. An individual challenged in accordance with this subdivision shall comply with the provisions of section 204C.12, before being allowed to vote.

Subd. 3. Postelection sampling. Within ten days after an election, the county auditor shall send the notice required by subdivision 2 to a random sampling of the individuals registered on election day. The random sampling shall be determined in accordance with the rules of the secretary of state. As soon as practicable after the election, the county auditor shall mail the notice required by subdivision 2 to all other individuals registered on election day. If a notice is returned as not deliverable, the county auditor shall attempt to determine the reason for the return. A county auditor who does not receive or obtain satisfactory proof of an individual's eligibility to vote shall immediately notify the county attorney and the secretary of state.

HIST: 1973 c 676 s 10; 1978 c 714 s 3,30; 1981 c 29 art 2 s 15; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 361 s 7; 1990 c 585 s 12,13; 1997 c 147 s 6

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Revisor of Statutes