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16B.18 Sheltered workshops; procurement of products and services; work activity programs.

Subdivision 1. Product and service list. The commissioner in consultation with the commissioner of economic security shall prepare a list containing products and services of state certified sheltered workshops and work activity programs for procurement use by state agencies and institutions. The commissioner shall determine the fair market price for listed products and services. In determining the fair market price the commissioner shall consider (1) open market bid prices in previous years for similar products and services, and (2) cost increases for both labor and materials. The price paid may not exceed by more than five percent the fair market price. State agencies and institutions shall, after promulgation of the product and service list by the commissioner, procure listed products and services from sheltered workshops and work activity programs in preference to procurement from other suppliers or sources with the exceptions in this section. The provisions of this chapter relating to competitive bidding do not apply to purchases made in accordance with this section.

Subd. 2. Products and services available elsewhere. When any listed products or services are available for procurement from any state agency or institution and procurement from the agency or institution is required by law, the procurement must be made in accordance with that law.

Subd. 3. Rules. Rules under this section may provide a procedure by which the commissioner shall determine product specifications, quality standards, and timing of delivery to be complied with by the sheltered workshop and work activity program boards on purchases made under this section.

Subd. 4. Selection of nonprofit corporation. The commissioner may select a nonprofit corporation organized under chapter 317A to facilitate distribution of orders among sheltered workshops and work activity programs. The corporation shall distribute orders so as to afford each sheltered workshop and work activity program an equal opportunity to obtain orders.

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