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CHAPTER 124C. Grants for education

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
124C.01 Renumbered 120.90
124C.02 [Repealed, 1991 c 265 art 6 s 67]
124C.07 Comprehensive arts planning program.
124C.08 Comprehensive arts planning program sites.
124C.09 Materials, training, and assistance.
124C.10 Citation.
124C.11 Purpose of the Minnesota local partnership act.
124C.12 Minnesota local partnership program.
124C.21 [Repealed, 1991 c 130 s 38]
124C.22 Renumbered 121.94
124C.23 Renumbered 121.941
124C.24 Renumbered 121.942
124C.25 Renumbered 121.943
124C.26 Renumbered 125.70
124C.27 Renumbered 125.701
124C.28 Renumbered 125.702
124C.29 Renumbered 125.703
124C.30 Renumbered 125.704
124C.31 Renumbered 125.705
124C.41 Teacher centers.
124C.45 Area learning center organization.
124C.46 Center programs and services.
124C.47 Resource center for other programs.
124C.48 Center funding.
124C.49 Designation as center.
124C.498 Metropolitan magnet school grants.
124C.55 Citation.
124C.56 Approval authority; application forms.
124C.57 Grant application process.
124C.58 Issuance and sale of bonds.
124C.60 Capital facilities grants for cooperation and combination.
124C.61 Renumbered 126.69
124C.62 Renumbered 144.1464
124C.71 School building accessibility capital improvement grant act.
124C.72 Approval; application forms.
124C.73 Grant application process.
124C.74 Telecommunication access grant and statewide coordination.
124C.77 Endowed chair.