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1987 Minnesota Administrative Rules

Rules are usually grouped under the agency that administers them. Some agencies are assigned one chapter in Minnesota Rules; others have many chapters. The chapters appear in alphabetical order by agency or department name. You can also find a rule by looking at the numerical arrangement of chapters. Read more... Minnesota Rules for prior years are also available. Authenticate Rule PDF.

Table of Minnesota Administrative Rule Chapters
Chapter Title Agency
1005 Board, Abstracters, and Abstracts Abstracters Board
1100 Licensing Rules Accountancy Board
1200 Insurance Claims Administration Department
1205 Data Practices Administration Department
1215 Emergency 911 Telephone Systems Administration Department
1220 Grant Proposals Administration Department
1225 Lost Property and Parking Administration Department
1230 State Contracts Administration Department
1235 Public Rallies Administration Department
1240 Legal Notices Administration Department
1245 State-Owned Real Property Administration Department
1250 State Publications Administration Department
1255 State Surplus Property Sales Section Administration Department
1260 Federal Surplus Property Administration Department
1265 Telpak Administration Department
1300 Code Administration Administration Department
1305 Amendments to the Uniform Building Code Administration Department
1310 Building Security Administration Department
1315 Electrical Code Administration Department
1320 Elevators, and Related Devices Administration Department
1325 Energy Administration Department
1330 Fallout Shelters Administration Department
1335 Floodproofing Administration Department
1340 Facilities for the Handicapped Administration Department
1345 Mechanical Systems Administration Department
1350 Manufactured Homes Administration Department
1355 Plumbing Administration Department
1360 Prefabricated Buildings Administration Department
1365 Appendix on Snow Loads Administration Department
1400 Hearings Administrative Hearings Office
1405 Power Lines; Plant Siting Administrative Hearings Office
1410 Workers' Compensation Hearings Administrative Hearings Office
1415 Litigation Procedures Administrative Hearings Office
1500 Wholesale Produce Dealers Agriculture Department
1501 Export Financing Agriculture Department
1505 Pest and Disease Control Agriculture Department
1510 Seeds, Fertilizers, Feeds Agriculture Department
1515 Livestock Agriculture Department
1520 Poultry and Eggs Agriculture Department
1525 Dairy Industry Agriculture Department
1530 Milk, Milk Products, and Standards Agriculture Department
1535 Cheese and Cheese Products Agriculture Department
1540 Meat Inspection Agriculture Department
1545 Meat, Fish, and Poultry Industry Agriculture Department
1550 Food; General Rules Agriculture Department
1552 Agricultural Development Grants Agriculture Department
1555 Food Definitions and Standards Agriculture Department
1560 Miscellaneous Agriculture Department
1570 Commodity Councils and Promotional Order Agriculture Department
1580 Agricultural Loans Energy and Economic Development Department
1700 Importation of Livestock and Poultry Animal Health Board
1705 Diseases of Domestic Animals Animal Health Board
1710 Diseases of Poultry Animal Health Board
1715 Livestock Exhibitions and Markets Animal Health Board
1720 Miscellaneous Animal Health Board
1800 Licensure Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, and Landscape Architecture
1805 Rules of Professional Conduct Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, and Landscape Architecture
1900 Grant Procedures Arts Board
1950 Licenses Assessors Board
2000 Traffic Ticket Form Office of the Attorney General
2010 Rules Review Office of the Attorney General
2100 Barbers'Licensing and Operation Barber Examiners Board
2200 Amateur and Professional Boxing Boxing Board
2300 Board Practice and Procedure Cable Communications Board
2305 Cable Service Territories Cable Communications Board
2310 Franchising Cable Communications Board
2315 Franchise Standards Cable Communications Board
2320 Certificates of Confirmation Cable Communications Board
2325 Poles, Ducts, and Conduit Agreements Cable Communications Board
2330 Interconnection Cable Communications Board
2335 Records and Reports; Ownership and Contr Cable Communications Board
2340 Discrimination Cable Communications Board
2345 Obscenity and Defamation Cable Communications Board
2350 Deregulated Cable Systems Cable Communications Board
2355 Cable Access for Alternative Providers Cable Communications Board
2400 Land Use in Capitol Area Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board
2500 Chiropractors' Licensing and Practice State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
2605 Filing Fees; Insurance Commerce Department
2610 Contested Case Procedures Commerce Department
2620 Deceptive Acts and Practices Commerce Department
2630 Administering Safe Toys Act Commerce Department
2640 Board of Cosmetology Commerce Department
2650 Establishing Financial Institutions Commerce Department
2655 Interstate Banking Commerce Department
2675 Loans, Investments, and Procedures Commerce Department
2700 Insurance Policies, Practices Commerce Department
2705 Data Service Organizations Commerce Department
2710 Annual Audits Commerce Department
2715 Domestic Stock Companies Commerce Department
2720 Insurance Holding Company Systems Commerce Department
2725 Insurance Continuing Education Commerce Department
2730 Health Maintenance Organizations Commerce Department
2735 Sexual Discrimination Commerce Department
2740 Comprehensive Health Insurance Commerce Department
2742 Coordination of Benefits Commerce Department
2745 Long-Term Care Commerce Department
2750 Variable Life Insurance Commerce Department
2755 Group Insurance Coverage Replacement Commerce Department
2760 Sales of Credit Life Insurance Commerce Department
2765 Employee Joint Self-Insurance Commerce Department
2767 Self-Insurance Plan Administrators Commerce Department
2770 Automobile Insurance Commerce Department
2780 Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Commerce Department
2781 Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan Commerce Department
2782 Market Assistance; Liquor Liability Commerce Department
2783 Liquor Liability Assigned Risk Plan Commerce Department
2785 Political Subdivision Self-Insurance Poo Commerce Department
2790 Insurance Marketing Standards Commerce Department
2791 Medical Malpractice Insurance Commerce Department
2795 Insurance Agents Commerce Department
2800 Real Estate Broker Licensing and Educati Commerce Department
2805 Real Estate Broker Practice Commerce Department
2810 Subdivided Land Sales Commerce Department
2820 Forms for Conveyances of Real Estate Commerce Department
2860 Franchises Commerce Department
2870 Collection Agencies Commerce Department
2875 Regulation of Securities Commerce Department
2880 Nonrenewal of Homeowners Insurance Commerce Department
2885 Unclaimed Property Commerce Department
2900 New Corrections Facilities Corrections Department
2905 Community Corrections Act Corrections Department
2910 Adult Detention Facilities Corrections Department
2915 Services for Battered Women Corrections Department
2920 Adult Halfway Houses Corrections Department
2925 Group Foster Home Corrections Department
2930 Secure Juvenile Detention Facilities Corrections Department
2935 Juvenile Residential Facilities Corrections Department
2940 Office of Adult Release Corrections Department
3000 Sentencing Guidelines Sentencing Guidelines Commission
3100 Dentists, Hygienists, and Assistants Dentistry Board
3200 Procedural Rules Designer Selection State Board
3300 Summer Youth Employment; Weatherization Department of Jobs and Training
3305 Unemployment Benefits Department of Jobs and Training
3310 Unemployment Compensation Procedure Department of Jobs and Training
3315 Employer Taxes Department of Jobs and Training
3320 Federal Jobs Tax Credit Department of Jobs and Training
3321 Services for the Blind Department of Jobs and Training
3325 Rehabilitation; Visually Handicapped Department of Jobs and Training
3330 Employment and Economic Development Department of Jobs and Training
3500 Program Requirements for Public Schools Education State Board
3505 Vocational School Programs Education State Board
3510 Licensure of School Personnel Education State Board
3515 Licensure; Vocational Schools Education State Board
3520 Student Transportation Education State Board
3525 Handicapped Children Education State Board
3530 Educational and Community Services Education State Board
3535 Equal Opportunity in Schools Education State Board
3540 Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schoo Education State Board
3545 School Financing Education State Board
3550 Training and Experience Index Education State Board
3800 Licenses, Inspections Electricity Board
3900 Personnel Employee Relations Department
3905 Statewide Affirmative Action Program Employee Relations Department
3910 Social Security Employee Relations Department
4100 Energy Information Reporting Energy and Economic Development Department
4110 Petroleum Set-Aside Program Energy and Economic Development Department
4120 Petroleum Supply Emergencies Energy and Economic Development Department
4130 Outdoor Display Lighting Energy and Economic Development Department
4140 Decorative Gas Lamps Energy and Economic Development Department
4150 Residential Conservation Program Energy and Economic Development Department
4155 Thermal Insulation Standards Energy and Economic Development Department
4160 Community Energy Planning Grants Energy and Economic Development Department
4170 Energy Audits Energy and Economic Development Department
4200 District Heating Systems Energy and Economic Development Department
4210 Large Energy Facilities Public Utilities Commission
4215 Model Energy Code Amendments Energy and Economic Development Department
4220 Power Plants and Lines Public Utilities Commission
4230 Gas Storage and Pipelines Public Utilities Commission
4240 Large Oil and Fuel Storage Facilities Public Utilities Commission
4250 Oil; Lpg; Petroleum Public Utilities Commission
4260 Coal Shipment and Storage Public Utilities Commission
4270 Large Energy Facilities Energy and Economic Development Department
4280 Certification of Solar Collectors Energy and Economic Development Department
4300 Community Block Grants Energy and Economic Development Department
4310 Procedural Rules for Planning State Planning Agency
4340 Bonding Energy and Economic Development Department
4350 Pilot Community; Business Licensing Energy and Economic Development Department
4351 Tax Credit Certification Energy and Economic Development Department
4360 Governor'S Rural Development Council Energy and Economic Development Department
4400 High Voltage Lines, Power Plants Environmental Quality Board
4405 Operating Procedures Environmental Quality Board
4410 Environmental Review; Critical Areas Environmental Quality Board
4500 Campaign Financing Ethical Practices Board
4505 Economic Interest Disclosure Ethical Practices Board
4510 Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Ethical Practices Board
4515 Conflicts of Interest Ethical Practices Board
4520 Representation Disclosure Ethical Practices Board
4525 Hearings Ethical Practices Board
4600 Vital Statistics Health Department
4605 Communicable Diseases Health Department
4610 Disposition of the Dead Health Department
4615 Maternal and Infant Health Health Department
4620 Clean Indoor Air Health Department
4625 Lodging; Food and Beverage Establishment Health Department
4630 Camps and Mobile Home Parks Health Department
4635 Towels; Machines; Sports Arenas Health Department
4638 Health Care Facilities Generally Health Department
4640 Hospital Licensing and Operation Health Department
4642 Medical Records Health Department
4645 Hospital Construction and Equipment Health Department
4647 Health Care Equipment Loan Program Health Department
4650 Health Care Cost Information System Health Department
4655 Nursing and Boarding Care Homes; Operati Health Department
4660 Nursing; Boarding Homes; Physical Plant Health Department
4665 Supervised Living Facilities Health Department
4670 Merit System Health Department
4675 Freestanding Outpatient Surgical Centers Health Department
4680 Health Facilities Grievance Mechanism Health Department
4685 Health Maintenance Organizations Health Department
4690 Life Support Transportation Services Health Department
4695 Human Resources Health Department
4700 Community Health Services Health Department
4705 Services for Children with Handicaps Health Department
4710 Certificates of Need; Health Facilities Health Department
4715 Minnesota Plumbing Code Health Department
4717 Miscellaneous Environmental Health Rules Health Department
4720 Public Water Supplies Health Department
4725 Water Well Construction Code Health Department
4727 Explorers and Exploratory Borings Health Department
4730 Ionizing Radiation Health Department
4735 Local Officers and County Boards; Fees Health Department
4800 Scholarship, Loans, Grants, Work-Study Higher Education Coordinating Board
4810 Miscellaneous Student Funding Programs Higher Education Coordinating Board
4820 Registration of Private Institutions Higher Education Office of Minnesota
4830 Financial Assistance Higher Education Coordinating Board
4840 Registration and Name Approval Higher Education Coordinating Board
4850 Supplemental Student Loans \ Higher Education Coordinating Board
4900 Housing Loans and Grants Housing Finance Agency
5000 Discrimination Complaints; Certificates Human Rights Department
5100 Business Loans to Indians Indian Affairs Council
5200 Wages and Labor Labor and Industry Department
5205 Safety and Health Standards Labor and Industry Department
5206 Employee Right-To-Know Standards Labor and Industry Department
5210 Safety and Health Administration Labor and Industry Department
5215 Occupational Safety and Health Board Labor and Industry Department
5217 Medical and Rehabilitation Review Practi Labor and Industry Department
5220 Compensation and Rehabilitation Labor and Industry Department
5221 Fees for Medical Services Labor and Industry Department
5222 Benefit Reimbursement; Notice of Coverag Labor and Industry Department
5223 Disability Schedules Labor and Industry Department
5224 Independent Contractor Labor and Industry Department
5225 Boilers and Power Boats Labor and Industry Department
5230 Steamfitters; Power Piping Systems Labor and Industry Department
5500 Hearing Procedures Mediation Services Bureau
5505 Collective Bargaining Representatives Mediation Services Bureau
5510 Public Employment Labor Relations Mediation Services Bureau
5600 Licensure Board of Medical Examiners
5601 Physical Therapy Board of Medical Examiners
5605 Continuing Education Board of Medical Examiners
5606 Emeritus Registration Board of Medical Examiners
5610 Professional Corporation Rules Board of Medical Examiners
5615 Hearings before the Board Board of Medical Examiners
5700 Matters of Metropolitan Significance Metropolitan Council
5900 Industrial Cost Recovery System Waste Control Commission, Metropolitan
6000 Petitions and Hearings Municipal Board
6100 Parks, Trails, and Snowmobiles Natural Resources Department
6105 Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers Natural Resources Department
6110 Water Safety; Water Surface Use Natural Resources Department
6115 Public Water Resources Natural Resources Department
6120 Shoreland and Floodplain Management Natural Resources Department
6125 Mineral Resources Natural Resources Department
6130 Mineland Reclamation Natural Resources Department
6131 Peatland Reclamation Natural Resources Department
6134 Endangered and Threatened Species Natural Resources Department
6135 Miscellaneous Natural Resources Department
6140 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Natural Resources Department
6300 Nursing Preparation Programs Nursing Board
6301 Practical and Professional Program Appro Nursing Board
6310 Registration Nursing Board
6315 Licensure Nursing Board
6320 Nursing Scholarships Nursing Board
6330 Advanced Nursing Education Nursing Board
6400 Licensing of Nursing Home Administrators Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
6500 Optometrists' Conduct and Licensure Optometry Board
6600 Procedural Rules Pardons Board
6700 Training and Licensing Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
6800 Pharmacists' Licensing and Operation Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
6900 Registration Renewal Podiatry Board
7000 Procedural Rules Pollution Control Agency
7001 Permits Pollution Control Agency
7002 Permit Fees Pollution Control Agency
7005 Air Pollution Control Pollution Control Agency
7010 Noise Pollution Control Pollution Control Agency
7020 Animal Feedlots Pollution Control Agency
7035 Solid Waste Pollution Control Agency
7040 Sewage Sludge Management Pollution Control Agency
7042 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Pollution Control Agency
7044 Priority Assessment Criteria Pollution Control Agency
7045 Hazardous Waste Pollution Control Agency
7046 Facility and Generator Fees Pollution Control Agency
7048 Waste Disposal: Operators, Inspectors Pollution Control Agency
7050 Waters of the State Pollution Control Agency
7055 Interstate Waters Pollution Control Agency
7056 Mississippi River and Tributaries Pollution Control Agency
7060 Underground Waters Pollution Control Agency
7065 Effluent Standards for Disposal Systems Pollution Control Agency
7070 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Pollution Control Agency
7075 State Fund and Federal Grants Pollution Control Agency
7080 Individual Sewage Treatment Systems Pollution Control Agency
7100 Miscellaneous Pollution Control Agency
7200 Psychologists' Licensure and Ethics Psychology Board
7300 Issues and Appeals Public Employment Relations Board
7305 Arbitration of Employment Terms Public Employment Relations Board
7310 Arbitration of Grievances Public Employment Relations Board
7315 Independent Review Public Employment Relations Board
7402 Odometers Public Safety Department
7403 Personalized License Plates Public Safety Department
7405 Commercial Fleet Vehicle Registration Public Safety Department
7406 Deputy Registrars Public Safety Department
7407 Bicycle Registration Public Safety Department
7408 Alcohol Assessment Reimbursement Public Safety Department
7410 Driver Licenses and Motor Vehicle Record Public Safety Department
7411 Driver Training; Improvement Clinics Public Safety Department
7412 Driving While Intoxicated Public Safety Department
7413 Automobile Insurance Public Safety Department
7414 School Bus Driver Qualifications Public Safety Department
7415 School Safety Patrols Public Safety Department
7418 Police Radio Communications Public Safety Department
7419 Film Rental Fees Public Safety Department
7420 Emergency Vehicle Sirens Public Safety Department
7425 Lighting, Glazing, and Towing Standards Public Safety Department
7430 Auto Lamp Adjusting Stations Public Safety Department
7435 Brake Testing Stations Public Safety Department
7438 Hydraulic Brake Fluids Public Safety Department
7440 Slow Moving Vehicle Emblems Public Safety Department
7445 Passenger Automobile Tires Public Safety Department
7450 Wheelchair Safety Devices Public Safety Department
7460 Motorcycles and Snowmobiles Public Safety Department
7470 School Bus Inspection Certificates Public Safety Department
7500 Explosives and Blasting Agents Public Safety Department
7501 Preliminary Screening Breath Test Device Public Safety Department
7502 Training for Intoxication Testing Public Safety Department
7503 Incidents for License Revocation Public Safety Department
7505 Hearing Procedures Public Safety Department
7510 Fire Safety Public Safety Department
7515 Liquor Public Safety Department
7520 Merit System Public Safety Department
7525 Capitol Security Public Safety Department
7600 Commercial Scales Public Service Department
7650 License Fees Public Service Department
7800 Motor Bus and Truck Transportation Department
7805 Motor Carrier Administration Transportation Department
7810 Telephone Utilities Public Utilities Commission
7815 Inter-Exchange Calling Public Utilities Commission
7820 Utility Customer Service Public Utilities Commission
7825 Utilities Regulatory Requirements Public Utilities Commission
7830 Practice and Procedure Public Utilities Commission
7835 Cogeneration and Small Power Production Public Utilities Commission
7840 Conservation and Resource Programs Public Utilities Commission
7845 Ex Parte Communication Public Utilities Commission
7850 Certificates of Need Public Utilities Commission
7860 Lawful Gambling Charitable Gambling Control Board
7869 General Definitions Racing Commission
7870 Licensure Racing Commission
7872 Assignment of Racing Days Racing Commission
7873 Pari-Mutuel Rules Racing Commission
7874 Direct Deposit; Reporting Payments Racing Commission
7875 Facilities and Equipment Racing Commission
7876 Stabling Racing Commission
7877 Class C Licenses Racing Commission
7878 Security Officers Racing Commission
7879 Stewards Racing Commission
7883 Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Races Racing Commission
7884 Harness Races Racing Commission
7890 Horse Medication Racing Commission
7891 Physical Examination of Horses Racing Commission
7892 Medical Testing Racing Commission
7895 Breeders' Fund Racing Commission
7897 Prohibited Acts Racing Commission
7899 Variances Racing Commission
7900 Procedures Minnesota State Retirement System
7905 Deferred Compensation Plan Minnesota State Retirement System
7950 Membership of Elected Officials Public Employees Retirement Association
8001 Tax Definitions Revenue Department
8002 Individual Income Determination Revenue Department
8003 Income Tax on Corporations Revenue Department
8006 Tax Credits Revenue Department
8007 Accounting Methods; Taxable Year Revenue Department
8008 Exemptions from Gross Income Revenue Department
8009 Deductions Revenue Department
8010 Nondeductible Items Revenue Department
8011 Inventories Revenue Department
8014 Determination of Basis Revenue Department
8017 Assignment and Apportionment of Income Revenue Department
8019 Unitary Business Taxation Revenue Department
8021 Charitable and Dividend Deductions Revenue Department
8023 Estates and Trusts Revenue Department
8030 Fiduciaries Revenue Department
8031 Partnerships Revenue Department
8034 Corporations Revenue Department
8035 Income Allocation by Insurance Companies Revenue Department
8038 Returns Revenue Department
8043 Nongame Wildlife Check-Off Revenue Department
8050 Overpayments Revenue Department
8052 Administrative Provisions Revenue Department
8092 Withholding Revenue Department
8093 Estimated Tax Revenue Department
8097 Subchapter S Corporations Revenue Department
8098 Individual Housing Accounts Revenue Department
8099 Targeting Revenue Department
8100 Ad Valorem Taxes; Utilities Revenue Department
8105 Ad Valorem Taxes; Railroads Revenue Department
8106 Railroad Valuation Revenue Department
8110 Certificate of Real Estate Value Revenue Department
8115 Local Government Levy Limitations Revenue Department
8120 Taxes; Cigarette and Tobacco Products Revenue Department
8121 Metropolitan Solid Waste Landfill Fee Revenue Department
8125 Taxation; Inspection; Petroleum Products Revenue Department
8130 Sales and Use Taxation Revenue Department
8150 Inheritance and Gift Tax Revenue Department
8200 Voter Registration Secretary of State
8210 Absentee Ballots Secretary of State
8220 Voting Machines Secretary of State
8230 Election Judges and Counting Centers Secretary of State
8235 Recounts Secretary of State
8240 Election Judge Training Program Secretary of State
8250 White Ballots Secretary of State
8260 Uniform Commercial Code Forms Secretary of State
8300 Financial Assistance Energy and Economic Development Authority
8400 Cost-Share Program Soil and Water Conservation Board
8450 Policies and Regulations State Board for Community Colleges
8480 System Policy State Board of Vocational Technical Education
8500 Administrative Rules State University Board
8600 Tax Court Procedures Tax Court
8700 Licensure Teaching Board
8800 Aeronautics Transportation Department
8810 Trunk Highway System Transportation Department
8820 State-Aid Operations Transportation Department
8830 Railroads Transportation Department
8835 Public Transit Transportation Department
8840 Special Transportation Services Transportation Department
8860 Tank Motor Vehicles; Variances Transportation Department
8900 Motor Carrier Ratemaking Transportation Regulation Board
8910 Railroads; Right of First Refusal Transportation Regulation Board
9000 Unlicensed Mental Health Providers Board of Unlicensed Mental Health Service Providers
9100 Veterinarians' Licensure and Practice Veterinary Medicine Board
9200 Waste Management Waste Management Board
9300 Local Water Management Water Resources Board
9400 Water Treatment Certification Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification Council
9500 Assistance Payments Programs Human Services Department
9502 Licensing of Day Care Facilities Human Services Department
9505 Health Care Programs Human Services Department
9510 Rates for Health Care Facilities Human Services Department
9515 State Hospital Administration Human Services Department
9520 Programs for Mentally Ill Persons Human Services Department
9525 Programs for Mentally Retarded Persons Human Services Department
9530 Chemical Dependency Programs Human Services Department
9535 Program Grants; Mentally Ill Persons Human Services Department
9540 Program Grants; Mentally Retarded Human Services Department
9545 Licensing of Facilities for Children Human Services Department
9546 Relocation of Residents Human Services Department
9549 Nursing Home Payment Rate Determination Human Services Department
9550 General Administration of Social Service Human Services Department
9553 Payment; Intermediate Care Facilities Human Services Department
9555 Social Services for Adults Human Services Department
9560 Social Services for Children Human Services Department
9565 Individual and Family Services Human Services Department
9566 Support Payments Human Services Department
9570 Services; Physically Handicapped Human Services Department
9575 Merit System Human Services Department
9580 Miscellaneous Rules Human Services Department
9800 Rules of Procedure Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals
9900 Minnesota Zoological Garden Zoological Board

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