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4626.0410 3-501.19 TIME AS PUBLIC HEALTH CONTROL.*

Subpart 1.


Time only, rather than time in conjunction with temperature, may be used as the public health control for a working supply of potentially hazardous food before cooking, or for ready-to-eat potentially hazardous food that is displayed or held for service for immediate consumption, if:


the food is marked or otherwise identified with the time within which it shall be cooked, served, or discarded;


when the food that is provided for service and consumption is removed from temperature control, the food:


is served or discarded within four hours; and


is not removed from time control and returned for use at a later time;


food in unmarked containers or packages, or for which the time expires, is discarded; and


written procedures are maintained in the food establishment and made available to the regulatory authority upon request, to ensure compliance with:


items A to C; and


part 4626.0385 for food that is prepared, cooked, and refrigerated before time is used as a public health control.

Subp. 2.


The food establishment must submit written notification to the regulatory authority of its intention to use the procedures provided under this part prior to implementing the provisions of this part.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.101; 31.11; 144.05; 144.08; 144.12; 157.011


23 SR 519

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007

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